Winter Jam


This is my third year to attend Winter Jam. For those who may not know what it is, it is a night were Christian artist, Leaders and maybe a celebrity or two, come together to for a good clean night of fun, entertainment, worship and fellowship with fellow believers. (of course all are invited)

This year was great like all the others. The bands were awesome! Everyone gave glory to God, gave testimonies, shared the salvation message, shared how God changes everything in our lives etc. I wanted to share a couple things that moved me. For the good and the bad. I say it as a something to ponder, reflect on, maybe to evaluate in our own lives as we walk this walk with the Lord.


The night starts out with a few no name artist. Giving them their time to be heard. Each one great and giving God glory in all they did. The picture above is one of the first groups that performed. Good clean fun. Singing about God and hitting some balloons around. Fun atmosphere. Who says Christians cant have fun with each other? We are not mean to be all “doom and gloom” followers of Christ. Singing about the Lord is fun, joyful, and an awesome time to be had with fellow believers.


The night goes on the bands are awesome! Then technical difficulties happen. Colton Dixon’s band wasn’t able to hook up some how to the sound system. Other than a piano and mic. So, being a trooper he goes on. But the performance was amazing! Genuine and pure sounding. Just a man singing about the Lord. Gods presence was felt through out the night (yes even in…gasp…the heavier sounding artists) But this was a beautiful moment. A reflecting time, that I believe, God wanted some in the audience to have. I know because i chatted with a person who said that that particular session was what they needed.

Then came Newsong. Just some good’ol southern, gospel, rock style music. And, like they do every year, they performed Arise my Love. Such a beautiful song. If you have never heard this song you  have to check it out. It is about Jesus’s resurrection. And the talent God has given these men to sing this song amazing. But, the set to this was so neat too. A three story high cross. Made of lights. Every one responds so well during this song. And why not? It is about our savior rising from the dead victorious. If that doesn’t move you then you have a cold heart that does not know my Savior.


There was a beautiful sermon presented by Tony Nolan. About the good news. A salvation message. Because though there may have been a lot of Christians there, there are still those who have been brought as part of a witnessing tool.It was a great message. Sadie Robertson spoke as well. She asked are you a Champion or a Legend? Champions get rewards and fame for what they do. But a legend leaves a legacy and a wake of after they are gone. A legend impacts lives for years to come. David was the key focus. He was a champion yes! But, how he served the Lord made him inspirational, a legend, and people still talk about him today.

Tenth Avenue North was one of the bands that performed as well. I had heard a few of thier songs before, but seeing them and hearing their heart, I think I found a band that I would definitely see again and support.


Now this next part I’m not going to spend too much on. I am ashamed that it happened. But the next performer…a female, came out in skinny tight jeans, shaking her tail feather. Trying to be light-hearted about this. But, her performance truly  interrupted the flow of the night. Everything was about God, then she stepped on stage, and the whole atmosphere changed. About half the audience sat down. They could feel the shift. It wasn’t very godly. In my opinion. She didn’t speak to much about God, nor were her song.

To be fair, this particular kind of performance I had never seen at Winter Jam before. I understand that the host of this night knew how she’d perform but maybe didn’t know to what extent. So either they just do not say anything in fear that they would offend or that they could lose an “x” amount of attendance, or they just didn’t care. I is the former, though sad about that, rather than…they just didn’t care. I really don’t know why they didn’t tell her to keep it christian in her dancing. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. I understand reaching to the “non=christians” that might be there. But, dancing around on stage in tight jeans shaking your pelvis is not a way to win the ungodly.

Then, the main show came on. David Crowder. Made all things better again. Brought a church atmosphere back and a time of worship unto God.


The over all experience was great. To see that building filled up with mostly believers. To see so many hands lifted high in worship unto God, it is moving. Moving, because…this is what heaven will be like. People giving glory to God, In One mind, in One accord. NO one arguing over doctrine, theology, how to worship, how to sing, who has a better way or understanding of scripture But, people coming together just simply praising God.

That is why I would go back next time and suggest people to attend. It is encouraging to see and experience this type of godly entertainment.Yes, it is entertainment. But God gets the glory and we get a time to honor him with fellow believers. There is nothing wrong with that. I would rather attend this then allow myself to attend something that is ungodly in risk of being offended, mocked, and feeling “blah” ..after I left.

You know when Christians come together and sing about God it is going to be a good time.

So…there are my thoughts about Winter Jam.



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