Not Qualified…

I had someone say to me…
“Women are always referenced in the bible when it comes to bad things…thats why they can’t lead/preach/teach”

True..but who are the ones being led astray by the women? Men. They fall too.

I’m not feminist nor sexist but, I do want to give account that God can use anyone to lead/teach/preach.

Who qualifies a person? GOD or man?

Deborah, Miriam, Mary Magdelene, Phoebe, Tabitha, the 7 daughters who prophesied. All are examples of God using woman in ministry and leadership. Even today we see such great pillars of faith Corrie Ten Boom, Elisabeth Elliot, Amy Carmichael are just a few as well.

In that day, yes, men typically led. But as the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentacost, as prophesied in Joel, things changed.

Do I think a woman can be a leader? If no man is willing to step up, sure, women can lead. They are not in sin for leading. No where in scripture does it say that they are in sin if they lead over men.

In fact, Paul on one occasion tells the people(men) to help their sister Phoebe. (Romans 16:1-2)

Why do you suppose? Because the men had the same mind set as today, “I’m not listening to a woman”. Yet, here Paul is saying to other what she says.
To tell a woman she can’t do things for the Lord is telling her God can not use her.
Has their been false teachers that are women? Yes!! But, men too.

My personal opinion: True it is difficult to take the authority of a woman over a man. Women get emotional. Yes. It can make it difficult at times if we(anybody)leads by emotions. But men sometimes lead by emotions too. (Led by pride and stubborness).

If God gives a woman authority in Christ , (as an example Deborah in the book of Judges) then we should be willing to listen.

In a spiritual setting, it seems more accepted for a man to be a head or senior pastor. But here is where it is misquoted, a lot, “a man should be head of his house” (spiritual leaders)

Ephesians 5:22-23

1. that means men should be in right relationship with God to lead.

2. A Woman should love, support, and listen to that leading.

(If both have a right relationship with God this is possible. It takes two to tango. But the flesh..entangles us and causes problems)

This is in reference to the homes..not church settings.

In old testament days, yes, it was men in the temple. But if we read new testament we find out we are all the temple. So, if we think men should be leading all the time, as it were in the temple days, then we think also that means woman are not Light bearers of Christ. No. This is wrong thinking. Again we must go back to Joel 2:28 (Acts 2:17)

We need to stop saying these things to fellow workers in Christ. We need to support each other as co-heirs.

Keep each other accountable in doing so. Should God open a door to have a woman leader then we, in a godly way, judge by her fruits to see if she is an appropriate leader in that setting. But, if you are a woman leader, you must not be so stubborn to not take the instruction when or if, you say something that could have been misinterpreted and ofcourse, this applies for both male leaders or female.