Trusting God 

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:6

When we are walking in the dark,through the woods, we can’t see where we are walking. We can’t see the obstacles in our path. We stumble and trip because there’s no light. Once we have a flashlight then we can see our path.

We think about this with our walk with the Lord. God’s word is a light unto our path. Guiding us. Bringing light to the obstacles that would make us stumble and trip spiritually.

But, I’m going to take this a little bit further. If our eyes are focused on God, only He makes the paths straight and level. So, if we are trusting completely in Him, then we are not going to trip or stumble or fall. No obstacle will be in our way that He cannot handle or remove.

Nothing in our way will make us stumble or fall because our focus is on God and not the things of this world. When we look up to Him, it is complete trust and surrender to the Almighty. He prepares our way. 

So, why wou”d we not trust Him to guide us?

Yet, we often take our eyes off of Him. We look to our own problems and see them as impossible to conquer.

I’m reminded of the story of David and Goliath. David saw Goliath and he didn’t call him a giant. He called him as what he was, just a mere man, an “uncircumcised philistine.” 

David knew that God was with him. David knew that, with God by his side, he could overcome anything. What everyone else was seeing as this giant..or mountain of a man, David was seeing as…nothing. Because of who he knew of God. David knew that God was greater!

So I encourage you, that obstacle in your way, that thing that you think is a “giant” or a “mountain”, is nothing compared to the Almighty Living Powerful God that you serve.

So, fix your eyes on him. Turn your gaze back to the Lord. Don’t look at that obstacle as something you can’t handle. Look at it as, my God is able! Focusing on God, Trusting God completely in all your circumstances. 


Love like Jesus 

Love one another. John 13:34
Getting real…
For me, it’s difficult to lavish my love on others. Especially, when they don’t return love or initiate it. It truly is a sacrafice to love people at times. For me anyways.

I know I should love like Christ, but my imperfections(stubborness) make it difficult. Especially, when I feel like I try and try and nothing is returned. Nevertheless, I still try.

 But I find it easier to lavish my love on God. Because His love never fails. It is a revolving door. Unending. Unfailing. Even when I don’t “feel” like giving worship or love unto the Lord, I seem to be able to deny my flesh, easier, to honor and praise the lover of my soul.

We are told to love others, to love our neighbors, to pray for our enemies even. Im being blunt here, but loving those who don’t love you…thats difficult. Yet, we are reminded that Christ loved us even when we were far off…even when we were sinners. (Romans 5:8)

Side note: those who may be reading this my ask, “oh so she really doesn’t love me all those times she acted as if she did she really didn’t?” It’s not that I don’t love people. I do! But I’ve been in some situations where it was a lot harder to love someone because of their actions towards me. I know I’m not alone in this. Does it make it right? No! But the more I grow in the Lord the more I can love the way he loves. And if you’re feeling now that I never loved you in the past. Please don’t think that. I do. I’m just talking in general about situations that we may struggle with with some people. As well as, situations that I have had with some people.

I know I’m not perfect like Christ, but I strive to demonstrate Him to others. (John 13:35) becuase if we don’t how will they know Gods love? I know the more I follow Christ, the more I seek Him, the less of my flesh will rise up. I will love how He loves. My heart will break how His heart breaks over those who are lost. Those who need a Savior.

So my challenge, is to love even when love is not returned. It is crucifying the flesh with all its emotions. Denying all selfishness of, “but, what about my feelings?” And loving like Christ loved us.