Sermon notes: (1)

In our sermon yesterday, my Pastor was sharing about Jesus’s response in His tough times.

When Jesus first started His ministry, not everyone in his community accepted Him, some mocked him, some said He was from satan, some were ready to throw him off a cliff!

Yet, He Slipped Away.

But here’s the thing:

What was the next thing we read that He does?

He restores sight to a blind man.

He could have gotten down about life and said “no, I can’t heal you right now. I’m having a bad day.”

I think about us, and how we react to others when we’re having a bad day.

Lets go back to Jesus, Jesus was beaten, flogged, humiliated, whipped, His beard plucked out, mocked and placed on a cross. He could have said so many things but, he said “Father, forgive them”

So when we’re having a bad day,(not to compare our bad day with Jesus sacrifice)how do we respond to people? Is it with grace and humility or snippy, sarcastic, unkind words?

Are we being light bearers to those around us?

Are we giving hope even when all the pipes in our house are breaking, our kids have been arguing, finances suck and bills are behind?

Do we still offer love and forgiveness and through Christ Jesus to those around us?

Do we stop and pray with that person who is in need when we know we are in need as well?

We are not Christ, we are not perfect, but daily being perfected. If we follow after Him we strive to be holy as He is holy.

If we find ourselves weak in these areas, we do need to check our heart. Spend even more time with God. After all, our life is to reflect Christs. Always bringing glory to God, offering hope of salvation through Christ Jesus and leading others to Him.


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