Some thoughts…

Some say that no one can search for God on their own. Due to our sinful nature.

But Romans 1:20, 2:14-16 would say differently. We will be “without excuse” because He has “written” it on our hearts.


We have heard stories of when an athiest is in a fox hole and because of the trial and or near death experience, he cries out to God.

We have it in us to want to worship something, to have a moral law(though taught to us by society), and to want to believe in something bigger than us.

Why? Because it is written there by God. Do we always respond to Him when he speaks? No.

Helen Keller said(paraphrased), “I knew Him, but I didn’t know his name”.

Not everyone will actively search God out. Some do. They search for “the meaning of life” or “a higher being”. They feel in them, that there is more.

So, for us to say, “no wretched heart will seek God” is false.

We know scripture challenges us with this question “how will the know unless we tell them?” How will the ungodly know about salvation and who saves them unless we tell them.

Yes, God seeks us out. As a good shepard looking for a lost lamb. He does call to us. Unfortunately, not many listen and follow. Some, hear him but, may not know him. Then they find out about him because an individual comes along and explains who God is.

So, we as christians, DO need to be proactive in spreading the gospel and demonstrating Christ to all. That should never stop. After all, it is the Great Commission.

But, we need to realize too, that God speaks to hearts, and sometimes through what he has already placed in them. This does not mean they are saved and bound for glory becuase of what is written on their hearts. Scripture says their will be some who will deny his voice. (Romans 1:18-32)

If God is sovereign, and we agree He is, then we must believe and trust that He can guide one to the right church, the right order for that individual to flourish as a christain.

In conclusion

Pray for souls. Pray God uses you to share and disciple other to Christ. And…do not lose hope for that unbeliever you know. Keep praying and keep being a light in their life


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