Untangle me

2 timothy 2:3-4 “Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.”

I found this interesting. “entangled in civilian pursuit” We who are Christians are set apart from the world. we are called to serve in the “Lords army”. So the thing we do are not the same as the things the world does.

What does a soldier do? Trains, Protects, Rescues, Never leaves a man behind. Apply that to our christian walk.

I feel that many of our brothers and sisters forget that we are in this together. We are to help each other out. Not be selfish and to ourselves or indulge in our flesh(the things the world indulges in)

We are different because we have been bought at a price. We are NOT our own. We are His(Gods),that is what it means to be a Christian.

Thankfully we are not on this journey(mission) alone. We do have each other and God, to strengthen us and to encourage us.

SO next time we you see a fellow soldier diwn..trapped..entangled in the world, struggles, sin, depression, etc..lift them up. Encourage them. You see them falling back…run to them! Help them. Pray for them on your own. Pray with them too.

We are a unit, fellow laborers, the Body of Christ.


The emotions of a christian

Emotions and feeling are a part of who we are as christians. We can not deny them. But, we can not be ruled by them. It is a part of how God created us.

But rather,
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, should be in line with Gods spirit.

When we become a christian our heart, as part of our walk with the Lord, will mature in Christ. In wisdom and knowledge of Him but also, our fruits being part of that maturing, as well. So, our feelings will not be motivated by the flesh but, by the Spirit of the Lord.

When we respond to things it will be in wisdom, not foolishness, In love, not anger, in patience, not prideful arrogance or selfish gain.

We will want to love how God loves

Therefore, we can discern between spirits.

We can correct wrong teaching.

We can evangelize.

We can be a testimony of who God is.

And the biggest thing, We will not act like the world.

Leaving a wake…

We do not know too much about the disciples personal life.

We know they followed the Lord for at least three years. They seen his miracles, death, resurrection and ascension. We know some wrote letters to the churches for encouragment, correction, and wisdom. We know some of them died horrible deaths.

However, we are all forever changed by these things. Their legacy and their teachings they left behind.

They were just simple followers of Christ.

So, what are we leaving behind?
What legacy will be remembered about us by those who come after us?

We are but a vapor.
But, I want this vapor to leave a wake…