Quick thoughts 

A few years back my pastor had a situation with some members of the church. There was a couple of board members who were immature in their faith, who started accusing the pastor falsely. They ran his name through the ground. They accused him of many things like misusing funds and brainwashing.

How it works in our fellowship is, if something of this nature happens we can go to the District leaders and they are supposed to investigate. Get the full story and bring it before the council if there us enough incriminating evidence. So, the district leaders investigated and they found that my pastor was clear. He was innocent. They told the church board members to not talk about this situation and to move on. Go on with life don’t worry about it. Was what they told them.

Well, the board members, being immature and prideful continued to threaten the pastor. This situation ran this pastor off out of the church. The pastor felt “why should I continue to preach at this church if my members are against me?”

My point:

This is why I am so leery of calling someone a false teacher. We may not know the full details of everything. I’m not going to just go with the flow with everyone about it. I might pinpoint there inaccuratcy or their misinterpretion of the scriptures. But if everything else seems to be sound who am I to call them a false teacher for one misinterpretation scripture?

Yes they need to be corrected on that. But I’m not going to just write him off as being a heretic. The just need Correction. I know not everyone believes the same. And I know there are certain topics that or preached that is false. We do need to address those and continue to address those. But if their Ministry is leading people to the Lord, if they’re Ministries preaching Christ crucified, Then how are they a false teacher?

The whole point of this blog is because I’ve seen the hurt and damage calling someone a false teacher firsthand. I know many are so quick to point out a preachers flaws. We must be patient with them. Because they’re still learning too. They are imperfect too. But calling someone a false teacher or heretic not only ruins them but it ruins their family. It ruins their credibility all around. That’s why we have to be sure that they are a false prophet or false teacher or a heretic. And how we know this is the completely twist scripture to give credit not to God. They promised good things but but cannot follow through. And it doesn’t ever line up with scripture.

If we see a preacher or teacher teaching things that are not scriptural then we need to correct them. But, Correct them in the appropriate Godly and scriptural way. According to Matthew 18:15-20