I can’t hear You…

There are times in our life when we feel God is not speaking to us. We think, “have I sinned so much I can’t hear God any more?” ” have I not read my bible enough?” “Have I not prayed enough?” “Has God given up on me?”

The fact of the matter is we may not hear God because of several reasons, but If we are asking those questions, I think it is because God is still speaking to us.

Just like any relationship, if we don’t communicate the relationship is strained.

Sin can hinder Gods move. Though God can do anything, he is also holy. If we are unrepentive then we reject God. That can be a cause of not being able to hear him.

Sometimes his silence is a test of our resolve. Will we still serve him, seek him, obey his commands even though we can not hear Him?

Often times we read in scripture of men who asked where He was. When they asked they always ended up hearing him again. Though sometimes, in just a whisper, like in the case of Elijah.

Joseph, David even Jesus asked…”where are You, why have You forsaken me?”, but if we read on…we find out God was there.

Silence can be defeaning…and it can be a wake up call. A check to our spirit.

“How is my relationship with God?”

God does love you. He doesn’t want any to die or go to eternal fire of hell.  He will continue to speak to you. We just have to be listeding. Get rid of the noise and hear our Father speak. Continue to trust in Him and wait on Him.