Don’t listen to her…

If you feel God can not use a woman to teach men…then don’t follow me.

Don’t allow your men to have female sunday school teachers. Don’t read woman christian blogs or christian books written by woman. Don’t listen to your wives or mothers either. Don’t favorite or retweet any female that “has a point” about Gods word.

Avoid reading about Deborah or Phoebe too. Forget that God pours out on all flesh and he can use whomever he wants to reach/disciple/teach whomever he wants.

If they are willing God will use them. And if men are not stepping up then he will use those that will.

I’m not saying this to cause debate nor will I debate on this.

But it is sad to see so many ignore God using woman to teach and or lead men in the scriptures.

It is pride that man says, “No one can teach me spirutual truths, but a man.”

We all know that in the culture of the day women leadership with in the church was not common. But, when the holy spirit poured out, he poured out on all flesh. To equip all for leading, teaching, rebuking etc.

Thats why in Galatians 3:23-29 we read that those were the old ways. Now we are one in Christ. Their is no more hierachy of order. One is not above the other. But we are all equal in Christ. The only heirchy that remains is respecting one another within the individual homes. Men being the head of the home spiritually. In. The. Home. Ephesians 5:21-27

Paul is the only one who says men should teach men and woman woman only woman. Why? Because there is better understanding with the sexes. Men can relate more to men. But, we can not dismiss other scriptures too

We look at other examples were Paul encouraged those under Phoebe to help her in every way. Phoebe who is considered a spiritual leader within the church of Cenchreae.

Why also would our God, who could pick anyone to judge, after all he makes men rise and fall, pick Deborah, a prophetess to lead Israel? A woman. To kead isreal. Not only lead but be a prophetss and judge. Giving wisdom and teaching all who came to her. Let alone leading Israel into battle. If God so desires it a woman can teach men. Proof is in scripture.

But, so many are stubbornly blind when any woman rises up with spiritual truths and quickly dismisses her because “she can not teach men”

What if it was through her words your brother learned a truth that spurred him on into deeper relationship with Christ? Would we reject her as being ungodly becuase she taught a man?

Again satan comes to divide us. “Let them not hear from God through a woman, because after all they will not lower themselves to listen and be taught by a woman”


Untangle me

2 timothy 2:3-4 “Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.”

I found this interesting. “entangled in civilian pursuit” We who are Christians are set apart from the world. we are called to serve in the “Lords army”. So the thing we do are not the same as the things the world does.

What does a soldier do? Trains, Protects, Rescues, Never leaves a man behind. Apply that to our christian walk.

I feel that many of our brothers and sisters forget that we are in this together. We are to help each other out. Not be selfish and to ourselves or indulge in our flesh(the things the world indulges in)

We are different because we have been bought at a price. We are NOT our own. We are His(Gods),that is what it means to be a Christian.

Thankfully we are not on this journey(mission) alone. We do have each other and God, to strengthen us and to encourage us.

SO next time we you see a fellow soldier diwn..trapped..entangled in the world, struggles, sin, depression, etc..lift them up. Encourage them. You see them falling back…run to them! Help them. Pray for them on your own. Pray with them too.

We are a unit, fellow laborers, the Body of Christ.

The emotions of a christian

Emotions and feeling are a part of who we are as christians. We can not deny them. But, we can not be ruled by them. It is a part of how God created us.

But rather,
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, should be in line with Gods spirit.

When we become a christian our heart, as part of our walk with the Lord, will mature in Christ. In wisdom and knowledge of Him but also, our fruits being part of that maturing, as well. So, our feelings will not be motivated by the flesh but, by the Spirit of the Lord.

When we respond to things it will be in wisdom, not foolishness, In love, not anger, in patience, not prideful arrogance or selfish gain.

We will want to love how God loves

Therefore, we can discern between spirits.

We can correct wrong teaching.

We can evangelize.

We can be a testimony of who God is.

And the biggest thing, We will not act like the world.

Leaving a wake…

We do not know too much about the disciples personal life.

We know they followed the Lord for at least three years. They seen his miracles, death, resurrection and ascension. We know some wrote letters to the churches for encouragment, correction, and wisdom. We know some of them died horrible deaths.

However, we are all forever changed by these things. Their legacy and their teachings they left behind.

They were just simple followers of Christ.

So, what are we leaving behind?
What legacy will be remembered about us by those who come after us?

We are but a vapor.
But, I want this vapor to leave a wake…

Not Qualified…

I had someone say to me…
“Women are always referenced in the bible when it comes to bad things…thats why they can’t lead/preach/teach”

True..but who are the ones being led astray by the women? Men. They fall too.

I’m not feminist nor sexist but, I do want to give account that God can use anyone to lead/teach/preach.

Who qualifies a person? GOD or man?

Deborah, Miriam, Mary Magdelene, Phoebe, Tabitha, the 7 daughters who prophesied. All are examples of God using woman in ministry and leadership. Even today we see such great pillars of faith Corrie Ten Boom, Elisabeth Elliot, Amy Carmichael are just a few as well.

In that day, yes, men typically led. But as the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentacost, as prophesied in Joel, things changed.

Do I think a woman can be a leader? If no man is willing to step up, sure, women can lead. They are not in sin for leading. No where in scripture does it say that they are in sin if they lead over men.

In fact, Paul on one occasion tells the people(men) to help their sister Phoebe. (Romans 16:1-2)

Why do you suppose? Because the men had the same mind set as today, “I’m not listening to a woman”. Yet, here Paul is saying to other what she says.
To tell a woman she can’t do things for the Lord is telling her God can not use her.
Has their been false teachers that are women? Yes!! But, men too.

My personal opinion: True it is difficult to take the authority of a woman over a man. Women get emotional. Yes. It can make it difficult at times if we(anybody)leads by emotions. But men sometimes lead by emotions too. (Led by pride and stubborness).

If God gives a woman authority in Christ , (as an example Deborah in the book of Judges) then we should be willing to listen.

In a spiritual setting, it seems more accepted for a man to be a head or senior pastor. But here is where it is misquoted, a lot, “a man should be head of his house” (spiritual leaders)

Ephesians 5:22-23

1. that means men should be in right relationship with God to lead.

2. A Woman should love, support, and listen to that leading.

(If both have a right relationship with God this is possible. It takes two to tango. But the flesh..entangles us and causes problems)

This is in reference to the homes..not church settings.

In old testament days, yes, it was men in the temple. But if we read new testament we find out we are all the temple. So, if we think men should be leading all the time, as it were in the temple days, then we think also that means woman are not Light bearers of Christ. No. This is wrong thinking. Again we must go back to Joel 2:28 (Acts 2:17)

We need to stop saying these things to fellow workers in Christ. We need to support each other as co-heirs.

Keep each other accountable in doing so. Should God open a door to have a woman leader then we, in a godly way, judge by her fruits to see if she is an appropriate leader in that setting. But, if you are a woman leader, you must not be so stubborn to not take the instruction when or if, you say something that could have been misinterpreted and ofcourse, this applies for both male leaders or female.

The Scriptures

I believe Gods word is without error.

“All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” 2 Timothy 3:16

Scripture only points to Jesus, It is not Jesus. We worship Jesus. Not the book.

Yes, it is inspired by God. “God breathed” but it is not the trinity.

We shouldn’t treat Gods word like it is God. We can go to Jesus directly in prayer with hope of hearing His voice to obey His command.

After all the veil was torn that we could.

“Therefore Brothers since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus” Hebrews 10:19

Don’t get me wrong..the scriptures bring life & instructions. It aids us on how to live & all about Jesus life. But, some put more importance on the bible rather then seeking God himself.

We should do both. Certainly.

However, some do not have a bible. The early church didnt, those in tribal communities do not, or what about those who can’t afford one? Are they unable to hear from God? No. God spoke to many without the pages of the bible.

All that these individuals have… is Jesus.

I read stories about people only having one page of the Bible. Did God not speak to them because all they had was one page?

This is the very reason God sent His spirit. So to speak to us through His spirit. ( Galatians 4:6, John 16:13)

Now, I am not trying to bash anyones theology. I am just trying to share that if you happen to be lost on a desert island without your bible or you are traveling in car seeking God, or you are asking for direction for your next sermon or bible study or direction in life, God will still be able to speak to you.

Yes, He can/does use His word…but He Can speak to you too.

Deep calls to deep.

And of course it will line up with scripture and who He is.

Quick thoughts 

A few years back my pastor had a situation with some members of the church. There was a couple of board members who were immature in their faith, who started accusing the pastor falsely. They ran his name through the ground. They accused him of many things like misusing funds and brainwashing.

How it works in our fellowship is, if something of this nature happens we can go to the District leaders and they are supposed to investigate. Get the full story and bring it before the council if there us enough incriminating evidence. So, the district leaders investigated and they found that my pastor was clear. He was innocent. They told the church board members to not talk about this situation and to move on. Go on with life don’t worry about it. Was what they told them.

Well, the board members, being immature and prideful continued to threaten the pastor. This situation ran this pastor off out of the church. The pastor felt “why should I continue to preach at this church if my members are against me?”

My point:

This is why I am so leery of calling someone a false teacher. We may not know the full details of everything. I’m not going to just go with the flow with everyone about it. I might pinpoint there inaccuratcy or their misinterpretion of the scriptures. But if everything else seems to be sound who am I to call them a false teacher for one misinterpretation scripture?

Yes they need to be corrected on that. But I’m not going to just write him off as being a heretic. The just need Correction. I know not everyone believes the same. And I know there are certain topics that or preached that is false. We do need to address those and continue to address those. But if their Ministry is leading people to the Lord, if they’re Ministries preaching Christ crucified, Then how are they a false teacher?

The whole point of this blog is because I’ve seen the hurt and damage calling someone a false teacher firsthand. I know many are so quick to point out a preachers flaws. We must be patient with them. Because they’re still learning too. They are imperfect too. But calling someone a false teacher or heretic not only ruins them but it ruins their family. It ruins their credibility all around. That’s why we have to be sure that they are a false prophet or false teacher or a heretic. And how we know this is the completely twist scripture to give credit not to God. They promised good things but but cannot follow through. And it doesn’t ever line up with scripture.

If we see a preacher or teacher teaching things that are not scriptural then we need to correct them. But, Correct them in the appropriate Godly and scriptural way. According to Matthew 18:15-20

Afternoon thoughts

Theology matters. We should be instructing each other in the right ways. But, should one in the faith misinterpret scripture, we are to gently instruct them and correct them. We need to be patient with them. We’re not to beat him over the head or mock them or make fun of them. This is what has happened between arminians and calvinist.

A lot of times people in each of these denominations say this:”you’re not a Christian if you don’t believe this way.” Or that “you’re a heretic or false teacher if you believe that way”. I don’t think that’s what Christ would do.

Yes, he called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers.” But he was righteous and what he was doing pure of sin. We in our arrogance and pride and selfishness tried to correct others thinking that we have the right to do it and to do it in such a way that it belittles the other person. And that is not the way of Christ

I try not to “claim” I’m anything particular as far as who I follow, or what teaching I’m under. Remember Paul addresses this in scripture?

But, a follower of christ. So, if I get it wrong..its on me. Not a person I have followed. Remember men and women fail. They can misinterpret scripture.

I have misinterpreted scripture.

But if I am seeking God, walking in the spirit, and trying my best to live for him, I know that he will guide me in his ways. He will instruct me to do what’s right. Or to say what’s right. And with that wisdom we cannot fail.

But, we have to keep our eyes on Him.

Thoughts on the Sutherland Springs Shooting

A message a friend shared with me. I completely agree with their sentiments. 

Lord forgive the church and help us to be the light to this depraved and lost world. 

“In regards to the #SutherlandSpringsTexas church shooting:
God is not the source of evil, nor does He command evil.
These senseless acts of violence that are happening in our country happen not because God’s inactivity, but the Church’s inactivity.
Simply put: We’re letting it happen.
This world is sick, fallen, depraved, & full of all kinds of evil. And Jesus has commissioned us, His church, to go & preach the Gospel & make disciples.
Evil resides in the hearts & minds of every single man, woman, & child walking the face of this Earth. While it’s highly unlikely that most would do something as tragic as what we seen today at Texas Baptist Church the potential, given the right circumstances & conditions, is still there for anyone of us to carry out a heinous act such as this.
This is precisely why the Gospel needs preached & disciples need to be made! The Gospel is the only vehicle in which the Holy Spirit comes into the life of someone trapped & gives them a heart change.
This world need Jesus, & we’re failing at giving Him to them. 
Someone said, “We need to call this nation to repentance!” I don’t disagree with that, but a call to repentance is only good if the Gospel’s been preached, first!
Sadly, the church fails at that. 😔
If repentance starts anywhere then it needs to start with the church. We’re failing Jesus by NOT preaching the Gospel & by NOT making disciples. We have also failed the world NOT preaching the Gospel & by NOT making disciples!
Some may disagree with that. So, let me explain in a scenario…
There’s been a hurricane. You’re given a boat & you’re commissioned to rescue people from their houses as flood waters rise. Instead of going out to rescue people you instead decide to keep your boat hidden inside your garage far from the flood area. People are out there helpless, scared, & in danger of dying. They may not know that you we’re supposed to come, but when nobody comes & death over takes them it is easy to see that someone failed to bring them a boat. Someone failed to deliver to them the vehicle that could have saved them. Someone let them down.
We’re not taking the vehicle out of the garage. We’re not preaching the Gospel where it needs to be preached.
We keep it hidden in our garages (churches) & then we tell those who are in danger of perishing, “Hey guys! If you want saved come to our garage! We have a boat there!”
Then one day we see tragedy unfold.
A man runs a car into a crowd of people….
A shooter slaughters indiscriminately at a concert…
A lone gunman comes into a house of worship….
Some cry out, “How could God let something like this happen?”
Others scream, “Do away with guns!”
Others are talking about beefing up security in their house of worship.
But nobody is doing what needs to be done to help solve the problem: Preach the Gospel & make disciples!
People need the boat & instead of taking the boat to them our solution is to hide the boat in the garage, surround the garage with guns, & then tell those who are perishing to come to the garage to be rescued.
It’s not God’s fault.
It’s not gun’s fault. Anything can be a deadly weapon in the hands of someone who has murder on their heart.
Cain killed Able with a rock. Muslim terrorist killed almost 3,000 people on 9/11 with airplanes. Timothy McVey murdered 168 people with a truckload of poop!
The problem isn’t the weapons, themselves. It’s the evil in the hearts of people that’s the problem.
And God has tasked us with addressing it directly by delivering the only vehicle that can possibly pierce a hardened, evil, sin-filled heart: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
No, Church. This isn’t God’s fault. It isn’t gun’s fault. It’s not Islam’s fault. It’s our fault for not doing what we’re supposed to do.
And this is the duty & responsibility of EVERYONE who is in Christ Jesus, not just the paid professionals!
It’s time for us to examine ourselves. It’s time for us to examine our walk with Christ. It’s time for us, the Church, to fall down on our faces, humble ourselves before God, and beg for His mercy & forgiveness. 
We need to lead the world in repentance by repenting, first!”

How do I make lemonade?

Image result for When life hands you lemons make lemonade

HA! Easier said then done. We have experienced the “lemons” of life in one way, shape, or form. We question God, we question our existence…We ask “WHY?”

Life. Is. Hard.

And then we are told to make “lemonade” Really!?

How!? That means I need water and sugar.  How am I suppose to get that!?

Lets break it down..

Image result for water


Water is a life giving source. It hydrates and grows things. It refreshes or restores. Who is our “life giving source”? Is it a person? Is it music? Is it a drug or alcohol?  Is it GOD?

Image result for spoonful of sugar


Now sugar makes things sweet. Just a “spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” so says Mary Poppins in Walt Disneys, Mary Poppins. So, what can make your life sweeter? Is it a person? Music? Things? Drugs and alcohol? Fame? Money? God?


Let’s get real…

We all have had ups and downs. For me having a child who is handicap is a struggle in its self, but that on top of everything else…… can be a tough one.

A pipe breaks, financial struggles from bills to… “how will I buy food?”, kids are not behaving in a school, relationship problems from marriage to family to friends, health issues, a death in the family, tickets, doctor visits and appointments, physical therapy, getting into an accident, having to pay two mortgages, selling a house, having problems with insurance, having problems at work, people starting rumors about you, people angry with you and you have no idea what about, laundry staying caught up, dishes always being cleaned, making sure you have enough to eat for the family…honestly….i have so much more I could share. And I am sure you all can relate with some of this?

Not only do I worry about the stuff in my life, but I get concerned and worry about those dearest to me. So that is added stress and worry (I know I put on myself) but, it’s because I hate to see those closest to me hurt or suffering.

Image result for lemons

So how bout those lemons? Yeah…how do I find water and sugar to make lemonade?

I, thankfully, know the Lord. The LORD who is the Great I AM. He IS my ALL in ALL. I can not live this life on my own. I can not do it without GOD. When I try on my own it is a bitter life. It’s tough. I want to give in and give up. I NEED GOD!!

So, I see these struggles and trails and heartaches and I bring it before the Lord. Is it easy to do? NO!! Do I still get down? YES!! Do I spend nights crying before I officially give it to the Lord? YES!! Am I perfect? No! But the holy spirit talks to me. He tells me through a friend, a song, his word, a dream…that I need to cast all my cares and worries to Him.

Am I told more than once to do this? Yes! Because with each new trial and situation I forget. I want to soak in my lemon juice. I forget that God brings life giving waters and his word brings sweet refreshing to my soul. I forget that I can find hope and peace when I come to him.(Romans 8:6)

Sometimes I linger longer in the juice and forget to add water and sugar for a few days. (Lord forgive me) But, once I remember I am restored. I find joy again. I see clearly or clearer. I am reminded GOD is for me. I am reminded that, “for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28

Image result for sugar water lemons

How do I make lemonade?

Lemon squeezing

Sure we get the lemons but, it can not become lemon juice until we crush it, squeeze every drop from the fruit.That is what turns lemons into lemonade. So, our trials or heartaches come but, once we bring it before the Lord, he takes our lemons and empties us. He brings out what we thought were awful and bitter circumstances, into a beautiful refreshing flavor. Not only does this benefits our lives but those around us. That how God works. We can,t make the lemonade but God can. He brings the refreshing waters and the sweet to our lives and take our bitter situations and makes it into something amazing!

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!” Psalm 34:8