Don’t listen to her…

If you feel God can not use a woman to teach men…then don’t follow me.

Don’t allow your men to have female sunday school teachers. Don’t read woman christian blogs or christian books written by woman. Don’t listen to your wives or mothers either. Don’t favorite or retweet any female that “has a point” about Gods word.

Avoid reading about Deborah or Phoebe too. Forget that God pours out on all flesh and he can use whomever he wants to reach/disciple/teach whomever he wants.

If they are willing God will use them. And if men are not stepping up then he will use those that will.

I’m not saying this to cause debate nor will I debate on this.

But it is sad to see so many ignore God using woman to teach and or lead men in the scriptures.

It is pride that man says, “No one can teach me spirutual truths, but a man.”

We all know that in the culture of the day women leadership with in the church was not common. But, when the holy spirit poured out, he poured out on all flesh. To equip all for leading, teaching, rebuking etc.

Thats why in Galatians 3:23-29 we read that those were the old ways. Now we are one in Christ. Their is no more hierachy of order. One is not above the other. But we are all equal in Christ. The only heirchy that remains is respecting one another within the individual homes. Men being the head of the home spiritually. In. The. Home. Ephesians 5:21-27

Paul is the only one who says men should teach men and woman woman only woman. Why? Because there is better understanding with the sexes. Men can relate more to men. But, we can not dismiss other scriptures too

We look at other examples were Paul encouraged those under Phoebe to help her in every way. Phoebe who is considered a spiritual leader within the church of Cenchreae.

Why also would our God, who could pick anyone to judge, after all he makes men rise and fall, pick Deborah, a prophetess to lead Israel? A woman. To kead isreal. Not only lead but be a prophetss and judge. Giving wisdom and teaching all who came to her. Let alone leading Israel into battle. If God so desires it a woman can teach men. Proof is in scripture.

But, so many are stubbornly blind when any woman rises up with spiritual truths and quickly dismisses her because “she can not teach men”

What if it was through her words your brother learned a truth that spurred him on into deeper relationship with Christ? Would we reject her as being ungodly becuase she taught a man?

Again satan comes to divide us. “Let them not hear from God through a woman, because after all they will not lower themselves to listen and be taught by a woman”