Cubs, I Finally made it!

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Ever since I was a little girl baseball has been a part of my life. My father was always into baseball. He was on the church team. So we would always go to the games to cheer him on. My dad taught me how to hit and catch a ball. I would ask him to throw his hardest. (mistake) so that I could see if I could catch them. I could. Living in Iowa the team that we would cheer on would be the Chicago Cubs.

In our house, anytime the Cubs were on we would watch them. And if Dad fell asleep watching the Cubs, you better not turn the channel. He was “still watching it”, even thought his eyes were closed and he was snoring.

We went to a few Iowa  Cube games as well. Course if you follow the Cubs you know that they pull players from Iowa. It was very neat to see them play in Iowa then do real well and get pulled up to the Majors. It was like a member of your family getting that big promotion and work and you are excited for them. And you could say, “i knew them when”.

Hot Roasted Peanuts were my food of choice when I went to the games.(and yes I am weird I eat them whole as long as the shell is salted) My mom would get tickets from her work and I remember one time I was able to go on the field. It was when the Chi-Cubs were playing the Iowa-Cubs. I was able to take a picture with Mark Grace. Which I will not show because I look silly.

Being an 80’s-90’s kid, I grew up with names like Andre Dawson,Ryne Sandberg, Greg Maddux, Mark Grace, Kerry Woods and Sammy Sosa. My favorite, Mark Grace, would rock those high blue socks! For some crazy reason I have always liked that look. I still today I find it cool. I wanted to get me a pair just for kicks. ( BTW, Dexter Fowler Rocks them too!)

I always wanted to go to a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley’s. Living so close to Chicago, I thought someday it would be possible. But, we moved out of state and I felt, as a young person, that I would never get the chance. I was, however, able to go to a Royals game in Kansas city and a …(Shhh don’t tell) Cardinals game. (I know, blasphemy! haha)

I went on a bit of a break from baseball. Got busy with life etc, though the Cubs were still my team. I just wasn’t as interested as I was. Then, last year I started watching again. Not because I heard they were doing good, I did not know they were, but just because. And to my surprise…they were smoking hot!! Who knew that the Cubs would finally have a great year and go far!?

So last year, with the buzz of how great they would be this year, i made it my goal to try and go to my first Cubs game. Saturday, September 3rd 2016 I was able for the first time ever watch the Cubs play the San Francisco Giants at Wrigely. They lost that game, but it was still amazing to be able to see them play. And to play a “dynasty” team too. Course if you follow you know that we won the series. Yep! We won the series with the dynasty team! Take that all you “dynasty team” and  “even year” fans. (confession: i like the Giants too)

My take on walking in for the first time at Wrigleys….

Taking the train to Addison street was the best ever! I got to met people who were just as excited as I was. And fellow Iowans as well. Every one was so friendly. Even the Giant fans. The atmosphere was so much fun. Even thought there was a bit of smack talk it was all in good fun. I got a free Cubs cup to commemorate this special moment. As I walked into the stadium my smile went into a cheesy grin. Seeing the famous flying flags over the score board, seeing the Harry Carey face by the announcer booth, seeing the team warming up, the fans all crowding around the dug out to try and get an autograph and picture. There was a buzz in the air. Electric almost. Hearing the the crowd cheer and sing the national anthem, I couldn’t help but tear up a little.

Then, Play Ball! How exciting to see the top pitcher Jake Arrieta pitching on this day. Couldn’t time that any better. Seeing Bryant, Zobrist, Fowler, Russell…all the guys was so exciting. Even if they didn’t do so well this particular day, just getting to see them play felt like a win! Of course singing, “take me out to the ball game” was so much fun! I didn’t get peanuts and cracker jacks. Just regular peanuts. But, I had the best hotdog ever!!

Hopefully, one day I can take my kids. Raising them up right being. Cubbie fans for life.

Till then, Cubs… keep hitting them out of the park! Because …

This year Is next Year!


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