What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for…

The sunrise. The sunset. The smell of burning leaves in the fall. My Mom’s Apple Pie .  Chocolate chip cookies. The way the water reflect the Sun at noon. The ocean.  The sound of the waves. The way the cornfield looks when a storm is coming. Sitting around a campfire with family and friends. The fellowship time after church services. Worshiping the Lord in Freedom with fellow believers. Getting out of the car at night, looking up to the sky and seeing the Stars Sparkle and the Moon shine. 

 My family my friends. My soul mate. Those that can hear me out and understand me and know who I am without judging me. Those that can encourage me, Pray with me, Have my back,  and cry with me. 

The freedom I have in this country. The ability to have my voice be heard. The opportunities I can have to do whatever I want.

More importantly I’m thankful for God. Because I am such a sinner. Yet, he chose to love me. Without Jesus dying on the cross for my sins I would be lost. So I’m thankful for the cross.

Times can be so tough. And it is a good reminder to think about all the things that you are thankful for. To not complain. But, to always be thankful for what we do have. No matter how big, no matter how small. Always giving glory and praise to God


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