Strong enough? 

Do you ever get into ruts?  Days when you feel weak?  Moments when that shoulder is all you need?

I’m telling you is so difficult to be the strong one sometimes. There are times,  to be honest,  I just break.  I cry.  I feel weak and vulnerable.  And…. Alone

Yes,  even though I’m surrounded by so many . There are days I just want to be wrapped up in my best friends arms and just be comforted.  Just letting it all out.  And being filled up with all of Him.

He knows me well,  after all.

But, there are days He feels so far.  I know it is my fault for His distance.  And that is most likely why I break every once in awhile.

He knows I will come running back.

I do because He is good to me.   He never fails me.  He’s always there even when I am not loving Him.

The days I break,  I suppose,  are the days I miss Him most.

Today was a day I needed Him.  Today I do not feel strong enough.  But, like always… I run to Him.

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