How do we know Gods calling us to ministry?

This is something I hear all the time. “How do I know if God is calling me to ______?”

Being a teen in the bible belt, where all the bible colleges/universities/institutes/seminaries are, many of my friends would ask that very question. Working with teens I am still asked about it. Many feel called. But, they always question the calling. How do you know?

My story

I have a been a christian since I was young. It wasn’t until a drastic move out of state to fulfill my dads calling, did I really get serious about God. Giving my all. Seeking Him. Saying, “Lord your will not mine” So at summer camp, a place I know many get their “calling”, I sought God in a pre-service prayers. I said, “Lord I have four more years of school. I know there is more and I don’t even know what I am doing with my life. But I know I want it to be with you. Whatever you call me to do whatever your will…I want to do it. What is your purpose for me?” (summer before freshman year.)

That moment God spoke. Sign after sign followed. Opportunities for ministry and “training” times were made available for me. God was, and still is, preparing me for something He spoke to me about that night many years ago. It has been a rough journey but one day I know I will do this thing God has called me to do. I just got a little side tracked for a few years(10). But through it all God opened doors for ministry in my church. Stepping stones to something greater.

You can’t shake it

When it is something God is “calling” you to do…you can not ever seem to shake it. It is always there. Many times God will send confirmation to us as well. Because face it we are a people who need a “sign”.

I always call it a “nagging” of your spirit. It seems to be all you thing about. So, you make plans. Go get your education. I think if God is truly calling He will provide the means for it as well. Or your loans or education will be paid of quickly.

How do I know!?

Nevertheless, you might still wonder “how do I know if it is my flesh or God?”

You will not know until you make the initiative. Or if God audibly talks to you or, like i said earlier, keeps sending signs to you. Meanwhile, we must be faithful for what He is opening to us. These are the years or months of training for something bigger.

Seek opportunities to serve in that similar field. IF it works, you know it is what He is calling you too. Though Satan will try to stop  you …and that’s when you know you are doing it right.

Seek Gods council. Seek godly council as well. I had people say to me things that confirmed in me that God had this calling on my life. (I’m just slow in getting to it. I had to go through stuff first) I’m running hard after Him. That the only way to do it. And you will know.


I hope this helps. It is not well thought out.. but it is what I feel God has been teaching me through my process of questioning whether or not “I am called to greater things”

Also friend…just because you are not a missionary, worship leader, pastor, etc..does not mean you are not called to greater things. God has called us all to great things. A closer walk with Him. To be used by Him to reach our community.

Sunday School teacher, stay at home mom, caregiver, prayer warrior, friend, McDonald worker, CEO of a business..etc. God has called us all to worship Him and live for him and …to share Him with others.


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