All in all


No one helps you better than family and good friends. God knew we needed each other. 

It seems when we are down family can pick you back up( a good loving family). And your best friend( if you have one) is always there to bring that smile back. i have had a both and I do feel blessed. When you lose one or both, it is devastating. But that is where having Jesus, who will never leave, is comforting.

He brings hope and life to our crazy world.When we feel all is lost..He is there. When we are hurt and feel alone..He is there. When we are confused…He is there. When we are rejoicing and happy..He is there. When we need love, a friend, a father, a brother, …He is there.

Sometimes, we Christians forget that. Remember God said to Moses, “Tell Pharaoh, I AM has sent you”


What does that mean to us?

It means HE is everything..literally..everything you need! How amazing! But we can not experience the “Great I AM” If we do not turn to Him. So many times I have experienced the “Great I am” working in my life. Because face it people will fail us. But He never will. Junk happens in life…but He is there to provide, protect, comfort, counsel, love, heal etc.

He is my all in all. Truly.

So today if you do not know Jesus as your ALL. Come to Him. Run to Him!!!

If you do not know how, feel free to get in contact. I pray God can be your all as He is mine!


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