Those Red Letters

I’m reading through Matthew 5 and I can’t help but feel refreshed.  Here Jesus is speaking to his disciples but, also to anyone who will listen.  This is his sermon on the mount.  

I read through and feel his voice speak gently.  Teaching me.  The very same voice that has the authority to say “let there be light ” says in a humble and gentle voice “Father, forgive them for the know not what they do“. This voice that is loving,  firm,  and yet full of power is teaching me with every red letter I read.  Instructing me on how I should live. 

I am in awe as I read.  What God would humble himself to help instruct us on how to live this life?  How to overcome obstacles? 

God who cares and loves me where I’m at.  In my lowest point he brings words of love.  In my struggles he corrects me, though it stings, it is for my help, not harm. 

 Like a mighty victorious king bending down low to help his servant clean, Jesus left his heavenly kingdom to help a sinner such as I.  In Matthew 5. we read his words of help,  encouragement,  and love.  

Those reds words are like love letters to me.  Helping me to know him more.  Opening my eyes to love him more.  

I encourage you to read some of Jesus words from the Gospels.  Pray God opens your ears and hear,  that you would be filled, refreshed,  and challenged to apply them to your lives.