Afternoon thoughts

Theology matters. We should be instructing each other in the right ways. But, should one in the faith misinterpret scripture, we are to gently instruct them and correct them. We need to be patient with them. We’re not to beat him over the head or mock them or make fun of them. This is what has happened between arminians and calvinist.

A lot of times people in each of these denominations say this:”you’re not a Christian if you don’t believe this way.” Or that “you’re a heretic or false teacher if you believe that way”. I don’t think that’s what Christ would do.

Yes, he called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers.” But he was righteous and what he was doing pure of sin. We in our arrogance and pride and selfishness tried to correct others thinking that we have the right to do it and to do it in such a way that it belittles the other person. And that is not the way of Christ

I try not to “claim” I’m anything particular as far as who I follow, or what teaching I’m under. Remember Paul addresses this in scripture?

But, a follower of christ. So, if I get it wrong..its on me. Not a person I have followed. Remember men and women fail. They can misinterpret scripture.

I have misinterpreted scripture.

But if I am seeking God, walking in the spirit, and trying my best to live for him, I know that he will guide me in his ways. He will instruct me to do what’s right. Or to say what’s right. And with that wisdom we cannot fail.

But, we have to keep our eyes on Him.


4 thoughts on “Afternoon thoughts

  1. I always think of the log in my own eye, to preclude me of invalid judgement of my brother or sister in Christ. I am a Christian. I follow Christ. And I celebrate when any do the same.

    God bless you. Always appreciate your insights.

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  2. Very good word. I’m usually in such a hurry to correct a wrong that I forget to be compassionate. 😦 I need to think about how Jesus would react. Would He sit quietly and pray for the person to receive wisdom in that area or would He quietly correct the person? Either way, He would react in love.

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