Why do you love me?

I asked my kids today, “Why do you love me?”

In my pride, I expected them to list of all the things I do for them. 

Their response, ” Because you are our Mom. And you care for us”

Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. But, just a simple answer. “Becuase You are our Mom”

Growing up, my dad always emphasised family. He’d say, ” people come and go but your family will always stay with you” Why? Because family will always love you. No matter what you DO they will love YOU. 

So, as I pondered a moment on what my kids said (literaly a moment because I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me as to what this meant spiritually) I began to think, “Why do we (I) love God?”

We get taught that God showers blessings on us. That He loves us. That He wants to prosperous. And sure having that thought in our minds we can think “well, of course that’s why I love God. Because look at all that He’s done for me.”

But, am I worshiping Him and loving Him because of those extra blessings? Or am I worshipping Him because of who He is? 

He is God. He is the almighty. He’s The Great I Am. He never fails. He is Creator He is Lord, He is majesty and Splendor and Glory. And not to mention Healer and Provider or Redeemer and Friend. 

He is my Savior. 

I think we can get confused on why we love Him. But, if we remember that He is “The Great I Am”,  how blessed we are beyond measure to have a God that lives, Reigns, and loves us…that should make anyone want to love Him for WHO he is.

I say this to those who are redeemed. Those who are walking and growing in the Lord. Everyday we must wake up to love Him for WHO He is and not just because of WHAT He has done or MIGHT do for us. 

But love Him as our great I Am. 


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