I wrote this the other night in response to many of the people that I follow. A lot of them will quote theologians and pastors way more than scripture. And then it got me thinking about how many of them quote their confessions as well. Though these men, theologians and confessions all are in response to scripture it is not scripture. 

People need to hear the word of God more. I’m not saying these men and these confessions are wrong. I’m not saying quoting them is bad, but we need to hear the word of God. His infallible, refreshing,  and living words. 

Again I’m not saying that if you quote a theologian, Professor, a pastor or even another Christian, is bad. I’m just saying we need to get back to God’s word, teaching God’s word, speaking God’s word, confessing God’s word, studying God word. 

Not that we aren’t doing all these things when reading commentaries of people. But, man is so imperfect and his own flesh can get in the way. Look at how many Cults there are that have sprung up out of the Christian religion. Because man’s flesh has Twisted scripture. 

My other point is when we put so much emphasis on a man and all his quotes, we seem to idolize him. We put his word above God it seems. And I know many of the theologians, pastors, even fellow Christians that we have quoted are imperfect and have fallen so many times and have done things that would be shameful to talk about since they are a Christian. 

Many times their own theology is off but because we idolize them so much we Overlook the Blasphemous things that they have said, heretical things that they have said, or their Misinterpretations of scripture Etc. We get defensive and upset when people call out the sins of the saint we idolized. Our flesh wells up and we defend them blindly. All the while attacking another saint for their sins. Friends this is putting that theologian on a pedestal, in a place that only God should be. And it’s being a hypocrite, to defend that mans sin because you idolized him, when you called out anothers.

The world needs to hear God’s words. Someone said, “Bible, Jesus and me” as a subtweet to me. Yes! What is wrong with that? Jesus is our personal Savior. We have the Holy Spirit that guides us, comforts us, moves through us and speaks to us. As well, He speaks through others to us. 

This applies to our confessions and creeds. Why can’t we spend time memorizing God word first? After all these confessions and creeds came from the scriptures. I know they were used to unite. But in many cases they have divided. The theologians that we seem to quote all the time, have caused us to be further divided too. 

Lets get back to quoting and memorizing Gods word. His word unites the the family if God…if we are walking in the spirit.  
In conclusion, we need to be careful that we don’t put too much emphasis on the man of God but on God first. Yes, the man of God is our Shepherd to guide us and help us in disciple us. And it’s okay to quote your favorite saint, but we shouldnt promote the man over the scripture.


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