God made that too

I was sharing with a friend, that it’s been cloudy and rainy lately. Spring time always brings rain. But, it has been non stop lately. 

So I took a picture…

I said, “though it’s cloudy God made that too”

I began to see with a different perspective.(actually…I feel it was the Lord)

You see, lately, I’ve been, like the weather, gloomy and a bummer. I’ve been going through some personal trials. And it has been tough to get through. But, through it all I remember God is with me. God has my back. He knows what He is doing. I only need to trust in Him and keep my eyes fixed on Him. 

God may not have made my trial (I know that is debatable)…but I know God is with me through it. 

So friend, (and to myself included) I encourage you with this…

Though the days seem dark…one day…the Sun will shine again. Don’t lose Hope. Cling to God. 


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