It is that season

How often have we come to this time of the year and find ourselves so caught up with life. It is not that we have forgotten that we are a Christian, it is we get so busy we….forget we are a Christian. 

We live like a Christian daily, but we forget to take up our cross sometimes, or we forget to spend time with God, maybe it is we forget to share Christ with someone. 

There are springs sports, fellowships, teas, concerts, finals, vacations, work…it all becomes so part of our life…that we seem to miss out on opportunities with God.  

“Oh but I go to bible study, church, I’m on the worship team, I teach class at church, I never forget to do my devotions….etc”. All things we say to “prove” to God we are still thinking of him. But, he knows our heart. He knows we get burnt out. He knows we haven’t spent alone time with him in awhile. Our relationship has went from a flaming torch at Christmas time to a flicker at Easter time. 

Maybe I am the only one that gets the “springtime blues” right around easter(Palm Sunday/Resurrection sunday) 

It seems this holy day rolls around  and then I  start reevaluating my walk with God. I know it should be year around that I am keeping my life in check. But, nevertheless, it comes. And like a refreshing spring rain, that bring growth, so does this season…these holy days. It is like going to church in the middle of the week, it brings a sense of focus again. 

I know we all go through these times. That is why I share it with you. To tell you that you are not alone. 

So as we go through this Easter season once again, let us truly set our minds on Christ and what he has done. Let him reign in your life. Let us surrender every part of our messy days to him. That we are not caught offguard. Let us stand firm in our faith, totally focused on the work he has called us all to do. 


One thought on “It is that season

  1. Amen. Well said.

    I think the compression of Jesus’ passion, compassion, during Lent and Holy Week, sheds more light on my unworthiness. And if that brings me closer to Him, that’s purposeful.

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