Will you take me as I am?


Would who she was,
who she really was, be enough?
There was no magic
to help her this time.
This is perhaps the greatest risk
that any of us will take.
To be seen as we truly are.


Who are you?


I am Cinderella.
Your Majesty,
I’m no princess.
I have no carriage,
no parents,
and no dowry.
I do not even know
if that beautiful slipper will fit.
But if it does,
will you take me as I am?
An honest country girl who loves you.

Prince: Of course I will.

This beautiful scene from Cinderella (2015) by Disney, Is a story we are all too familiar with. But this last scene, The Prince discovers that Cinderella is not a Princess. But, she is a servant in her own home. But, he doesn’t care. He has seen her heart. He fell in love with who she is, not what she is. This is something that is so powerful and moving, as we parallel this with us, Christians.

He asks us to come as we are. It is his word that says what we are. The Prince, now King, had the authority to decided if she was acceptable or not.

She, Cinderella, came before him humbled, exposed for who she really was, and asked, “will you take me?” Saying essentially, “I am nothing, I have nothing to give to you but all of me”. And he having the power, and knowing her true nature and and her heart, says, “of course I will” in essence saying, “I know you, I know your heart and I know what you say you are. But I accept you because of who I am. I love you no matter what!”

What a beautiful Savior To save a sinner such as I!

As the movie ends, Cinderella having been “forgiven” of her sin from the One she cherished, was able to offer forgiveness to the one that hurt her all those years. Her step mother.

A beautiful thing we see here. Cinderella experienced forgiveness and love for herself and was able to give it to others. That is what we too can experience. We know what Christ has done for us. So, we are able to offer that to others. We know his love and are able to give his love to others.

“And Ella continued to see
the world not as it is,
but as it could be”

-Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

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