My Thoughts of Daniel (pt 8)

27 And I, Daniel, was overcome and lay sick for some days. Then I rose and went about the king’s business, but I was appalled by the vision and did not understand it.”

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“God what are you doing?” “What does this mean?”

You know how a child always wants to know what they will be doing next? My kids do this to me. They know we will be going to church that night for some event, but they will nag all day , “when are we going? Is it time now to go? Are we eating there?” We too can be like our children. We know something is about to happen in our lives spiritually, physically, or emotionally. We may be given a vision, dream, prophetic thing, or maybe it’s an obstacle or trial. And then we ask all the question..” God, what’s going on?”

There are things God will give us or have us go through. We may not understand why or what He means by it at the time, but later he may reveal what he was doing or saying. We just have to wait on him.

I am sure this is what Daniel was thinking. He was given this vision and then …puzzled by it.The vision, in a sense, was explained to him. But, he could not understand it fully. He wrote it down..shared it with us…for us to read and understand.

What is amazing for us, is that we can read it now and are able to  make some sense of it. It is a confirmation that when God gives you a “sign” you better heed the warning or whatever he is trying to say.

Nevertheless, somethings may not be seen or understood right away. Like Daniel, we must store it away, or wait for God to reveal it to us. So, hang in there, be patience, remain faithful to God, and wait on him and his perfect timing.


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