My Thoughts on Daniel (pt 6)

First off. What’s a Satrap. I see that word and I think of this….itsatrap!! lol

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Star Wars:Return of the Jedi

Ok, so you know what a satrap is?Definition: a governor over provinces in Persia.

They all got together to get Daniel in trouble. They asked the king to make a rule that no one is to pray to anyone for thirty days unless it be to King Darius.

Now Daniel was not moved by this decree. He continued to do what he did normally. Praying to God as he did everyday. In an upper room in front of some windows. Now here is the crazy part. The satraps and leaders had to be spying on him to see him in his upper room. What we call a “peeping tom” (no offense to any Tom’s out there. lol)

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Anyone else a little creeped out at this picture? The point is these leaders had to really hate Daniel and the position he was getting, for them to creep on Daniel like this. The satraps basically…set a trap for Daniel. Because they knew Daniel prayed to God everyday.

What does that say to us? Do we have that kind of consistent walk with God? Do we have that kind of prayer life? Daniel wasn’t moved because he knew God was with him. He had a relationship with God and nothing was going to stop him from speaking to God. Even if it meant being fed to the lions. God was faithful to Daniel and Daniel was faithful to God. When we read on we know God continued to be faithful and he rescued Daniel from the Lions Den.

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This is a challenge every christian should realize. When we take up our cross to follow Christ. We know that we may and/or will suffer persecution. Though living in freedom loving countries, we may not feel the full effect of this kind of persecution. Yet, are you still willing to stand for Christ when: your class mates make fun of you christian t-shirt, when  your co-worker ridicules you for thanking God for you meal at lunch time, when you say to that friend, “i can’t watch this movie because it goes against everything I believe”, to that family member “I can not support this homosexual wedding because it was not what God approves of”. Or maybe we will see the worse and be asked to deny Christ or be killed.

How will you stand? Will you stand for God when things bad happen all around you? Times are changing and this very thing may be asked of us Christians. Will you deny our self, deny our pride, deny our life and stay faithful to God?

Will you still seek God, like Daniel did?


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Daniel (pt 6)

  1. Okay, first of all, love that Star Wars guy, “Its a trap!” Second, to your point about the satraps spying on Daniel, spot on. Reminds me of Jesus who had a second set of followers. Namely scribes and Pharisees who were like a bad paparazzi following him to catch or trap him.

    Your questions at the end are definitely worth reflection.

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