Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Alright, I know what you are thinking..”a blog about a star wars movie…really!?”


Because I am a nerd and because it is cool how we can take movies and relate to them spiritually. (whether you agree with that or not..i am doing it anyways! :-P)

I am not going to share too much. But, if you know Star Wars you should know what this new movie..Rogue One is about. is the nutshell version…


Jyn Erso is the daughter of the scientist who helps build the death star. He secretly made a weakness or a way to destroy it. He didn’t want to be apart of the Empire anymore. but because they threatened he had to help. He is taken, his wife killed, and his daughter, Jyn, is hidden and then is found and raised by a friend.

SO… fast forward a few years, she is found now by the rebels. They “use” her and ask her to help the rebellion. The plans to destroy the Death Star(The Empires weapon) was given to a pilot by Jyn’s father. They go on the mission to find the plans. They finally find the plans that were transmitted at the end of the movie. But, not without an epic battle and Darth Vader coming onto the rebels ship..and just when you think the plans will not make it to Princess Leia, a rebel soldier grabs it and runs! Leaving Vader behind and mad!!

(that was very difficult to put that epic movie into that short of a text..btw)

Do you see the spiritual parallels ?

In the movie we see, for the first time, the destruction the Empire brings to the galaxy. The Death Star. Its destructive power is not fully operational as we know it is in A NEW Hope:Episode 4. But it is, nonetheless, very devastating to the planet. Just not able to destroy the whole planet…yet.

Many of the spies died bringing the plan to the Princess. Then as we know, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo risk their lives to bring the plans back so that they could finally defeat this planet killer. All the while starting the process of bringing peace to the galaxy.

Everything hinges on the Plans.

The plans that the father (of Jyn) had made.  If the rebels didn’t get the momentum started, the hope to be able to destroy the most powerful weapon they had ever seen. They may have been discouraged and given up. Just fighting small battles and not getting anywhere. But, Now they have the plans. Plans that would be the “game changer”.

Course this movie shows us the sacrifice and courage the rebels had to find the plans. Getting the plans risked many lives. But, they were willing to sacrifice so others could live. This was their hope. Their only hope. If they could destroy the death star they could do anything!! It gave them courage.

Then we see from the next movies, many more joined the rebellion and eventually the empire is destroyed. (so we think until the force awakens. but that is for another blog. ;-))

Parallels revealed

I think about how our enemy, Satan, is to us and to this world. The sin that was brought in as well. We are seeing the effects, little at first, but they are deadly as we give in more. We see our world how bad it is getting. More hatred. More killing. People following the wrong things. This is all prophetic and scriptural. Just read Revelation and or any books of the prophets.

We felt there was no way for us. We wanted hope. A chance.

Then…God gave this Plan. Our Hope. Jesus!!

Jesus gave us the victory over death and sin. He gives us hope! Many die trying to share this Hope with others. We know Jesus died to give us a chance. To give us the momentum to know that we too can over come.

There is hope. Trust the Father. Trust what Jesus has brought to us.

Death and sin has been defeated!!

Now….there is the Holy Spirit. (Like the Force.) That guides us. Empowers us to accomplish anything. We are not in this alone. Our NEW HOPE!! Life in this world will have its little battles. But, we have hope. We have the victory the upper hand. Because Jesus defeated the enemy. And He, has given us the courage and the power to get through it all.

In this season where we are remember the hope that came down, Let us be thankful for Him all the more! WE have victory Friends!. Victory. The hard part has already been done. No lets trust Him. Listen to his voice. Be led by His Spirit.

He surrounds us.

Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together. – Obi-Wan Kenobi

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One thought on “ROGUE ONE GIVES HOPE

  1. Your analogy is complete. Very well done. And yes movies, while not overtly Christian, nonetheless often provide valuable parallels for we who live for the True Rebel (like this world has never seen), the Savior Jesus Christ.

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