A Broken heart

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I write this blog from a bit of a broken heart. I just found out that a young man(family friend) that use to go to our church tried to commit suicide.  We follow each other on face book and I see all kind of hurts and pains with every post. I knew recently he had broken up with his girlfriend. So his heart has been obviously heavy and broken.

We all are broken people. Every single one of us. We all suffer differently, some more than the next. Some take heartaches harder than others. I know this young man has struggled with his walk with the Lord as well. So I am praying God intervenes!!

Not to be selfish but, I reflect on my own life. My own hurts and pains. Very similar to many. Yet, I have Jesus. I get down. I might lose hope for just a bit, but I know I can get back up. I think, “how selfish of me to think I have it bad”… I have Jesus.

I truly do not know how to express my feeling right now. I just felt I had to blog this out.

Friends, we all hurt. We all need love. We all want love. We want to feel loved. And when we do not have love we get torn down. Broken. We feel abandoned. Alone. We get desperate. Hopeless. We listen to the lies of the enemy. We think we are worthless. We feel all kinds of things. Then we give in.

If you know someone who is like this…hug them. Reach out and pray with them. Do something with them or for them. They need it.

That is how we get when we do not have Christ. Maybe we go through SOME of that. But we feel the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit. Hope fills us. He speaks to us to pray. To read His word. To listen to music. To phone a godly friend. Our head is lifted up.

WE need to offer hope. Show love. I can not stress this enough. Stop looking at ourselves. Start paying attention to people. There souls matter. Tell them God loves them. Tell them you love them.


One thought on “A Broken heart

  1. Two things struck me from this – we listen to lies of enemy, and reaching out to others. Satan never sleeps or calls for a cease-fire. We can’t take our armor off. But our hearts should be tender to God and people that He places in our path. It’s too easy to ignore them, walk by, justify… We need to be listening for His whisper to pray, love, act.

    Thanks for this. Your love for Jesus and humanity shines through. Merry Christmas!

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