Why me? 

GENESIS 6:8 “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord”

We read the account of man in Genesis,  how wicked they were.  Doing whatever they wanted. God was not pleased with his creation.  But then there was Noah.  

How humbling it must have been , to know the Creator of everything found you worthy. That through you many would be saved. 

It makes me think,  “what am I doing that God finds me worthy enough to be used by him? ” I feel I am not worthy what so ever! 

But,  I know I love him.  I mess up sure.  But I still want to follow him.  He sees my heart.  Nothing is hidden from him. He knows that in me there are good things. Things I want to do for him.  

Why does He choose to use this broken vessel to reach others? I do not know.  But, through me one soul could be saved.  

One soul saved,  if I am just willing to be used. It’s not my work, but Him moving through me.  Though He doesn’t need me.  He knows the people I am speaking to would hear better if He spoke through me.  And that,  my friend,  is humbling. 

This verse has always meant something to me.  Paul says it best,

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