So much more…

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Today as I was reading a devotion a thought hit hit me hard.

It is great to have devotions. It is great to read your bible. It is even better to pray. But at some point we are called…ASKED to do more. We gain all this information, we build our relationship with Christ, our faith increases…but is all of that for just our own good?


We are to do. We are to apply what we have learned. We are to go forth and share the things the Lord has taught us.

Some people feel empty and search for things to make them feel whole or more complete. When in reality it is God who is calling us to go deeper by becoming a teacher for Sunday school. Or to go out and evangelize or lead a bible study. To take the next step in our walk. In doing so, one is brought deeper into their faith and walk with the Lord.

Will we ever arrive? Will we ever be perfect? Is reading through scripture and studying it, and memorizing it, enough to live life as God has asked us to?

No one is perfect. No one will know it all. No one, at least while on this current earth and imperfections, will be able to do it on their own and be a spiritual giant. We constantly need to grow. We constantly need to be moving forward. We constantly need our Savior.

Let us take what God is doing in us and give it to others. He is wanting to use you to reach many for His kingdom. Be open be willing. Seek Him.

There is more…so much more.

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