His name

His name is wonderful.  His name is power.

Our enemy,  Satan knows how powerful Jesus very name can be when a Christian uses it.  We have authority in Jesus name.

Jesus said,  “whatever you ask in my name this I will do” John 14:13

This world will deny Him,  yet use His name in vain.  Our enemy knows how to lead people away from using His name in away that can break chains of bondage,  heal,  tear down strong hold etc.

He(Satan)  knows that if a person knew the authority in Christ name alone… Mountains would be moved!!  Lives changed!!

We read in Isaiah 9:6 some names that Jesus has.

Wonderful counselor. Helping us and guiding us in all things.

Mighty God, our Creator. Who has all things in control so we do not need to fear.

Everlasting Father. He is there for us always.  Providing,  healing,  comforting.

Prince of Peace. NO MATTER what we go through.. He is there to give us peace that passes all understanding.

Because…He is Emmanuel...

God with us!

He.  Is.  With.  Us!!!

Friend let’s remind ourselves, as we go into this advent season,  whose name is above all names!  Who is in control.  Who loves us with an everlasting love!  Who offers hope and salvation!!

And let’s share Him with others!!


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