The Evergreen Christian

Leaves they fall, lacking life

Overcome by weathers strife

Changed their color before they fell

Dried and brittle, weak and frail

The leaves leave the tree, like a wind in sail

Showering the world as color abounds

The glory of the tree kisses the ground

The life of the leaf last only for a season

The life of the tree gives the leaf its reason

So let us rejoice when one of us falls

The tree of life gives life to all.


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Driving my little girl to school, she asked,  “Mommy why are the leaves falling down and not up?”

I replied, “well, when things die they fall down”

Got me to thinking… When we fall as Christians, is it because we are not living the “life” we should? We are slowly dying, falling into sin. We know sin is death. So, when we sin it breaks down the spirit of life inside us, unless we repent.

Christians often are like a maple tree or oak. They may stand strong and beautiful in the sunniest of days. The leaves full and bright green. But, storms come and easily they are broken down. Destroyed. Fall comes and for a moment you think “what beauty” yet inside they are slowly dying. Then the hard winter sets in with the brittle cold winds and icy grips. They are left bare. Sad. Reaching up for sunlight but not able to grow because they have not had the good foundation. Did not become the right kind of tree

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I think of the evergreen tree. Ever green. It can stand any test of time. It bends and moves through the harshest of storms. And can withstand the toughest of winters. Even when hail rains down it stands and will even give off a beautiful aroma. It is interesting the ever green will shed. But no one can tell unless they are paying attention.

So a christian, should be like the evergreen. Standing strong because of the Lord. Able to stand firm in anything that this world and or Satan throws at them. And when trials come, and they will, they will allow it to change them for the better. Grow from it.

Image result for 1 CORINTHIANS 15:58



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