This season has me like… 

Are you like me?

This time of year,  I tend to get more emotional.  Not because I’m depressed,  but because I am more aware or sensitive to the meaning of the season.

The love that is shared during this time.  At least that is what I have experienced.  I know so many don’t.  Which makes it tug at my heart strings more.  The things they are missing out on. A season of hope and love needs to be shared to all.  No matter what, sharing the Love that came down for us all.

Anytime I hear the Christmas hymns and carols that talk about Christ I lose it. I don’t ho crazy but I tear up.  I feel His presence.  I’m moved.  God is so good.

Silent night,  O Holy Night,  O Come Emmanuel just to name a few, that always turns this heart to mush.  The words are so powerful.

Take time this season and read through these songs.  Meditate on the message through out the song.  As a Christian,  I don’t know how you can not be moved.

Think what the Lord left for you and I. He humbled himself, because His love for us is so great! To be born not in a kingly way…as he deserved.  But to be born to a humble couple, with a stable for his nursery.  A crowd of the powerful and elite did not come to celebrate the night of his birth but, lowly shepard’s.  To be born knowing that he would die on our behalf.
What a loving God he is,  that he would do that for me.

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