Those who are reading my blogs… I appreciate you very much.  I know I don’t always have comments open.. Bc I write them on my phone.. I forget to make them open to that.  I’ll try to fix ASAP.

Also,  I’m rusty at writing.  My grammar and spelling… Not so good sometimes.  I’m trying to catch all my mistskes… But I do miss some.  Oops.

And I try very hard to give the right credits.  I want to be accurate too.

However,  some teachings I hold to will offend some.. I know.

But I hold to them.  And some.. No matter how much we can debate.. I will still hold to them.

Stubborness?  Maybe.  Or conviction.. Or.. It is because I feel the Lord has spoken and has convinced me.

Some blogs are random.  Some are serious.  Some are thoughts and opinions.  Some political.  Some are poems.

My thoughts,  I hope,  will challenge,  encourage,  inspire,  and give hope.  Along with , hopefully,  making you smile and laugh.. Either at me or with me.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since I am letting all see. And I’m allowing you to criticize and challenge me.
Just wanted to share my thought process with you all.


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