Just breath

If you are like me,  you have already started to get a little frazzled. Thanksgiving is over and now the next one… CHRISTMAS!

Don’t get me wrong,  I keep Jesus the center.  But,  the hussel and bustle of running around.  Being Involved in church activities,  visiting with family, friends coming over,  Christmas parties,  school events …then to top it off …buying presents.

Presents. A thing I struggle with each year.  Thankfully, I have family and friends who appreciate their gifts even when it’s homemade goodies.

But,  if I didn’t keep God the focus each year… I.  Would.  Go.  Crazy!!

I know so many do.

Friends…. Just breath.  Bring everything back into perspective. Remember Christ.

Tips: when buying gifts..don’t buy the most expensive things. Keep things simple.  Most people really do like gifts that are from the heart.  And if they don’t.. Then there are deeper issues there…That you don’t need to stress over.

Remember when getting gifts for your kids.. Three gifts were what Jesus received.  You don’t have to buy a lot.

With all the things that are going…

Don’t forget to breath.

There is nothing worth getting all worked up over.  Remember the reason for the season.

He.. Is what it’s all about anyways.

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