Faith like that

Elijah.  What a man of faith.  One of my favorite stories from old testament is the one where Elijah calls fire down from heaven.  (1 Kings 18) He had such faith in God showing up. The altar was soaked with water.  He prayed and God came through.  Fire fell.  Everything was burnt.  The water was gone!  

Recently I attended a funeral of a family member. As I sat there listening to the preacher talk about Lazarus being raised from the dead, I begin to think about what faith I could have. Faith that I could stand up,walk to this family member and in the name of Jesus tell her to “come forth”. 

But,  I sat there.  I know there is more to it. More in timing of the Lord,  purpose.. Etc. But,  to have faith that God would come through.  

Do we have faith like that as Christians? 

We struggle from day to day wondering how our bills will get paid. We struggle with wondering where our next meal might be. We don’t trust in the Living God that made the Heaven and the Earth. Every time I pray I want more of God. I pray that my faith increases.

If Christians would walk in this kind of faith perhaps more people would know the Lord. Perhaps more people would be on fire for the Lord. Perhaps more people would not be going to hell. Perhaps more people would be healed. 

These are just some things that I have been thinking about lately. 

Lord increase my faith!

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