This is the stuff that drives me crazy!

WARNING: Below is a random blog. Out of no where… random thoughts from the mind of Fire Starter (twitter name) will be expressed below. You have been warned it may not make sense or will it!?

This is the stuff that drives me crazy. Couple things that popped in my head when I just typed that out(which this could be 21 of my list. “finding a song for everything you say or do” which is something I But How many thought of:

Image result for drive me crazy Maybe this is showing what generation I am from.

Maybe you thought of her…Brittany Spears.Image result for drive me crazy

She has a song, “Drive me crazy” but I am not promoting her or that song… lol.

Maybe you are a good person and you thought immediately of this song…(Christians) This is the stuff that drives me crazy. By Francesca Battistelli (click)

Okay this bugs me. So I am messaging, tweeting, texting and that one word that I type changes the whole outcome of the message. The unfortunate soul who is receiving this, will have to interpret what I meant. Or be offended that I used a bad word(on accident) in the message. So below are a list of words I have trouble with. Maybe you can relate or add to it in the comment section below..

My intended word                        The mess up

Of                                                         if

Kid                                                       lid

But                                                      bit

God                                                     hod, or his (btw what is a “hod”?)

Things                                               thongs(mhmm..been called out on that one. Embarrassing)

Put                                                       pit

a                                                           s(why the single letter “s” is considered a word idk?)

Some of them, might be because my thumb bumps the wrong letter. Okay, also, I may do it because I am trying to respond fast and I don’t pay attention. 


OH then THERE are those words that you have to make sure YOU’RE spelling right.

  • their, there, they’re.
  • your, you’re
  • hear, here
  • write, right

Can you think of more?


  1. When a business calls you up only for you to answer and then no response but a quick hang up. You call back and you get a voicemail or automative message.
  2. When you talk to someone, who is representing a business, and you say “goodbye” and they do not return the “goodbye” but just hangup!
  3. When  you unsubscribe from an account and it says it will take 5-7 business days before you are officially unsubscribed. I may have exaggerated that one. But you know what I mean!? I wanted to unsubscribe that day because your emails are to frequent.
  4. When you forget to put water in your dry microwaveable bowl of oatmeal. THAT is a fun smell to have in the house if you don’t blow up your microwave first.
  5. When the wind knocks open your mail box and it is raining so all your mail is wet. That is fun peeling everything open especially the bill! ugh!
  6. When you go to the automatic car wash (a fun event for the kids) and you put all 28 quarters in only to find out the stupid machine ate your money and the car wash is out of order! Disappointments all around.
  7. When the wind knocks your trash cans over and it rolls down the road.
  8. When your five year old daughter acts like a teenager. Thanks youth group girls 😉
  9. When someone slammed the door (kids)on the refrigerator and it cracks the freezer door open. But you don’t find out about it till the next day and some of your freezer items are melting.
  10. When they put Christmas stuff up in the store right next to Halloween stuff…In September.
  11. When you have a flat tire and you find out you don’t have a spare or tire jack.
  12. When you run out of toilet paper..while on the toilet..out in public. (Nightmares coming true. lol)
  13. When you thought you had your alarm set…
  14. When you are making cookies and you are missing one ingredient.
  15. When you forgot to pull the laundry out of the washer. For a couple days. Nice smell. (maybe I only have that
  16. When you are running behind(BC of number 13 )and on the way to church you hit. every. single. light!
  17. When you come back from church and realized you left the back door open. oops!
  18. When you have to think of a few more items because of your ocd. And the whole i-have-to-end-on-an-even-number thing
  19. When you go to church(or anywhere) and you have forgotten (in your rush of numbers 13 and 16) to put your deodorant on. So, you go to hug people at church like you have broken arms.
  20. When you thought you were saying something funny and you literally hear cricket sounds.

Can you relate to any? haha, Oh the things I have experienced!

I really meant all this in good fun. I don’t really get that frustrated. We live in an imperfect world. We have to lighten up. Take it easy. (I know easier said than done..speaking to myself too)But bad stuff happens..But God is Good! Sometimes we just gotta laugh!

Hopefully you, who are reading this, can expand in the comments below. But keep it “G-RATED” thanks!



3 thoughts on “This is the stuff that drives me crazy!

    • i just need to slow down..haha. I get typing too fast. like right now i have had to delete the word a few times bc for some reason or another my brains forgets where the letters are when it sends the signal to my fingers. wow and that was the longest response in the world of responses to a blog comment. lol

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