The abundant life pt 2

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My continuation from previous blog.

What is Prosperity Gospel?(Name it and claim it)And why is it wrong?

Not a good reference site but, Wikipedia explains it as this: a belief that “Financial blessings and physical well-being is always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth”. Those who know about other “religions” or cults this sounds New Age.

So, “name it and claim it” is something associated with prosperity teaching. In a nut shell, if we say, “I want to have a million dollars,” the thought behind this is, if we say it it will come to be. Theses people think, “God wants to “prosper” us and “give us the desires of our heart” so, I want a million dollars. I am going to get it now.” This is a bit extreme of an example. But, can you see how this is bad thinking?

We can come boldly to God because we are forgiven due to the work on the cross, but we can not come boldly in this manner to God demanding such things. If we do pray, or ask God for things, we pray in according to Gods will. He knows us best and what we will be responsible for etc.

To be a christian is not to “have it all”.

If we are truly following Christ we know that all the things that the world offers is not full-filling. We also know, we can’t take this stuff to heaven. However, God has made us in such away to enjoy things in this life. If, part of “enjoying things” is more important than those that are around you or your walk with the Lord, then we have it all wrong.

In a sense we can name it and claim it. Like in our healing. We pray for Jesus to heal us. So  do we believe it too? If we do then we are claiming it.


God does want to bless us. How He does it is His prerogative. I think it is more than what many think. Like a life that is full. Alive in Him. A life that is content and satisfied not longing for things that are temporary. That kind of life is way more fulfilling than anythings we can be given.

If it is monetarily then maybe he see’s us wise with our finances and know we can manage it to bless others and further the kingdom.(Proverbs 22:9, 19:17, Psalms 41:1-3, 1 Timothy 6:17-18)

Maybe He will bless through speaking to someone to help us out in a task. Maybe its giving us favor in school, work, church. etc. With God anything is possible. And I do know He wants to bless us. And my friend, there is nothing wrong with that.

(Maybe I am wrong in my thinking. Please feel free to correct and give passages of scripture. I am still learning too. I don’t want to blog things that are not sound)


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