A Generation of Conditional Worship

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Renewed By Grace

Take a seat my friend, grab a cup of coffee and lets talk about theology. Stay with me now, I’ve got something to say that you might want to stick around for.
Theology. What is theology? Simply put, theology is the study of God in scripture, history and in nature. Theology is not a religion. It’s a study that helps us (try to) understand God. I like how R.C. Sproul stated “Perhaps, no doctrine has greater bearing on all other doctrines than the doctrine of God.” The better we try to understand the nature and character of God, the better we can understand the nature and character of man.

America: Land of the free, because of the brave. No other nation per capita has more people that claim to be Christian than any other country. It almost seems as if the religion of the Ancient of Days started here in…

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