who has the victory?

It seems so many people in my life are going through similar things. I see them respond to these situations and it is encouraging and heartbreaking.


There are those who know to run to God for whatever the circumstances they are in. They know God is their anchor. They know they can not do it on their own. They are ones that will get through and shine as gold in the end. They are ones that will have this testimony that will reach many. Reach someone like me. And God gets the glory!


There are those who seem to have no hope. No matter how hard you try to encourage, they always see the cup as half empty. Always negative. Bitter. Sad.  Mad at the world and God. As if everyone is out to get them. My heart truly hurts for these people.

Maybe if I just message them something inspirational, or tweet a verse, or Post something that will get them thinking, reevaluating things, inspiring them to turn to God. Maybe then their hearts will change. Truthfully, it is the Holy Spirit that will do the work.

My Heart

Anybody who truly knows me, knows I have a heart for people. If I can be used in any way to encourage someone, I will! I know not everyone is willing to listen to what I have to say. And sometimes, the things I say can feel hurtful because it is truth. Sometimes people need to hear it that way. The pure blunt truth of the matter.

A lot of my blogs lately have been about ..GIVING IT TO GOD. We are a stubborn people. We would rather soak in our guilt, or disease, our hurt, out frustration, our anger, etc. Than say, “enough is enough. I’m tired of Satan keeping me down.”

After all, a sad depressed Christian is a Christian not doing anything to glorify God. Satan gets the victory.

I am done!

I am done with Satan getting the victory. Over come your situation! You can overcome, if you run hard after God. Place yourself around those that love the Lord and can encourage you. But ultimately, PRAY!!!!!! I can not express that enough. Pray. God wants to hear from you. He will strengthen you. He will help you over come. But you have to seek HIM.

Brother/sister are you understanding this? WE must do these things. Or we will stay in that state of depression, hurt, and guilt even.

God has established this in scripture, that we are to encourage one another. Just remember, we are not in this alone. We are all going through the struggle together. SO we do need to encourage each other. If you went through a struggle that someone is now going through help them out. Pray with one another. Don’t just say you will..but do it! The struggle is real. But God tells us to be there for another. Carry one another burdens. And when we do, we can over come struggles or at least be comforted through it.

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