Like Moses did

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I see the cloud, I step in
I want to see Your glory like Moses did
Flashes of light and rolls of thunder
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraidShow me Your glory, show me Your glory, my God…
Show me Your glory, show me Your glory

I’m marked by Your beauty, lost in Your eyes
I want to walk in Your presence like Jesus did
Your glory surrounds me and I’m overwhelmed
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid

Show me Your glory, show me Your glory, my God…
Show me Your glory, show me Your glory, yeah!

I long to look on the face of the One that I love
Long to stay in Your presence, it’s where I belong

Oh how we love You, oh how we love You
Oh how we love You, Jesus

By Jesus Culture

This song is playing and I get lost.Feeling His presence like Moses did.  I am reminded of the scene from the movie, Moses. Moses is played by Ben Kingsley. This particular scene is taken from Exodus 19. God asks the Israelite’s to consecrate themselves so they can hear from the Lord.

Do we know why they had to consecrate them selves? because they are sinners. and they were about to hear from the Holy God. Who will not tolerate sin. So they cleansed themselves. (Course today we can boldly come to the throne of God because it is the blood of Jesus who consecrates us.) Israel does this, and as the Lord begins to speak (or the trumpet sounds) it becomes unbearable for the people.

Many do not go to church because they DO feel the Lords presence and they “feel” un-welcomed. Yet, truly it is the Lords presence convicting them of their sin. Instead of repenting and/or giving it to the Lord they choose to just avoid church altogether. Maybe that is how Israel felt as they could not “handle” the Lords voice.

Moses reacts and responds

I love how Ben Kingsley acts out this part. He is enjoying the presence of the Lord, smiling and soaking in Gods presence. He turns to see what Israel is doing, he realizes, it is too much for them. So, HE starts reciting what the Lord is telling him. Then, a handful of people rise. Some of Israel can NOW hear the Lord. It is played out a bit differently then what is said in scripture, but we get the point.

There are those, who God will speak to, who are ready to listen. Meaning, they are not hindering the presence of the Lord. They are seeking God and they are hearing and receiving. Surrendering completely to Him. But we all can have that too.

There are those who struggle to hear God. They doubt. They just can’t seem to focus past their sin. In fact, they struggle because they are not letting God have it all. I have been there. It does take a complete surrender.

This is difficult to do, especially living in the world we live in. Everything is at our finger tips. With God, we have to be patience and wait on His timing. The world says, “satisfy your flesh your desires”….”whatever makes you happy.”

If we would only realize and understand, it is God who can make us happy. A happiness that is filling. That satisfies.

His Presence

Have you felt His presence like you feel the wind? Why don’t we feel His presence like that anymore? In Acts 2, we read The Holy Spirit came like a “rushing wind” and “flames of fire” was upon their heads. These are physical things.

This scene, in the Moses movie, is showing a wind blowing. As we read Exodus 19:16-19 we see words like “sound of trumpet”, “smoke”, and the mountain “quaked.” These were all physical things. Things that would make it difficult for you to deny God. Israel was led by a flame at night and a cloud by day. Not someone holding a was God leading them.

I mean, they are REALLY encountering the Lord here.

the first part of this clip shows you (if i did it right)

The wind

I am desiring that kind of encounter with God as well. Ever encounter Him like that?

It feels like your bones could jump out of your skin! Like a rush and extreme peace, complete satisfaction. And all you want is more time with Him.

As a person that sits in the back of the church (sound girl) I notice how people interact with God during worship. It breaks my heart sometimes. Here I am back there not able to really worship (because of my job) and yet, I feel/see the move of the Lord and the people are not responding. I see the worship team getting excited lifting hands in praise and some even jumping up and down. Yet, the congregations (some..not all) are standing like statues.

When this happens I think of this song every time, Life House “Everything”. The verse that says:

“How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?”

How can we stand in His presence and not be moved in response? What is wrong with us? We are so distracted, we doubt, we are afraid God will ask us to do something out of our comfort zone?

We are allowing Satan to keep us down from living that abundant life that God has for us.

If more people would get into His presence daily…our country, our churches, our relationships would be better.

Friends lets dig in. Lets study His word. Lets worship Him. Lets put ourselves around people who encourage us in the faith. I want to know Him more. Be filled with Him. Linger in His presence. That everything I say and do give Him glory.

“I want to walk in Your presence like Jesus did
Your glory surrounds me and I’m overwhelmed
I’m not afraid”


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