A dream

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The above picture looks similar to the skyline I had seen in my dream

January 14, 2010 I had this dream. I wrote it down. And now I share it with you

I was on bridge leading into a big city. I could see the city skyline in the distance. I was not in a car but i was walking. the bridge was empty. Then before me stood a man in black fatigues. He seemed to be just standing there. As I drew closer to the man he smiled at me and pushed a button on a device that was in his hands.

At that moment I knew what happened. And I remember saying  “no” in that slow-motion-dream-like way one does. For some reason I started to run towards him.(As if I could do anything) as I did I turned to see the biggest mushroom cloud rise from the heart of the city. The cloud was a greenish color. (I’m sure that signifies something)

I turned back towards the man and he was now running. Out of no where, military men began chasing him down the highway until they got him. they began to tell everyone to back off. (nothing to see here..kind of thing)

I turned once more to see a mass crowd of people walking from the city. The highway was now filled with all kinds of people. People from all races, ages, gender. Just walking.

In the distance I had seen a woman. She was in a panic. In the chaos of the rushing with the crowd she had dropped her baby. I knew this because there was blood on the bridge below and the infant was no longer in the car seat. As the woman was sobbing and releasing her frustration on the wall of the bridge, I began to pray for her. The crowd kept pushing in around me on the bridge. Several people began to pray around me as well.

After awhile I began to search for a way out of the town…then for a way out of the country.–

then i woke up

Knowing what I know now, about Isis, I think this was the Lord telling me something about the future of our country.

Image result for aurora borealis over chicago
very similar in color in my dream

 September 20,2016 my recent dream

I’m driving along in Chicago (because I have been there enough now…I know)  and it is night time. I see to my left in the night sky, the Aurora Borealis. Along with a red moon

All along the highway I see multitudes of people. Just sitting along the road. They looked like refugees of some sort. All seemed to be middle eastern looking. I’m trying to get into the city but I can not. So, I decide to turn around. ..then I eventually wake up


Now I know, I could be dreaming these things in “fear” of the things that are going on in our world and the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey. But I feel something is coming.

Image result for bear around a campsite

Dream I had in March 7, 2014:

I was at camp, like a church camp ground of some sorts. I was a sponsor. I had stepped out of my cabin and noticed a bear was roaming around the camp. The bear had tried to get into the cabins and tents. He was of success in one particular tent. I could see him through the tent destroying things and then eventually the tent.

Then out of now where, me(who appeared to  look like vikings) began to pillage the rest of the camp. They did as one would do in pillaging. Trying to take everything. Even my clothes. I felt so exposed(for obvious reasons). All the while, the bear continued to roam around.

(This is where it gets weird. And no, it was not a fantasy dream of mine. Because I do not see him in that light) Chris Hemsworth (Thor) came into the scene along with his men and His brother. They offered to help. He (Thor) asked his brother(Loki) to restore my belongings. But this was done with a price. When we restored my clothes he began to tattoo a name on my arm. (A name I can not remember. But, i know it was bad.) THEN I WOKE UP!

Image result for dreams

I know this has something to do with end time things but perhaps I am completely wrong. If any of my readers can interpret I would be appreciative to hear what the Lord is saying to you about these dreams.



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