Thoughts from the sleepless

IMG_20160807_090927It has been a crazy week for me. I had my gallbladder taken out last week. And the last few days I have been recovering. In my recovering state… I have not been sleeping well. That means , I am thinking a lot.

So here are my thoughts from the sleepless…

This last Sunday, four days after my surgery, I went to church. My family and I go early because we help with the sound system during worship practice (hence the pic of the soundboard).

In our rush, I didn’t eat anything with the medicine I took for pain. Needless to say, I was feeling very Nauseous.

My husband went back to get get crackers from the church kitchen.(I apologize to the church staff for telling the world this next part) 

Being very hungry and not wanting to throw up, I devoured the first few crackers. They were so good! All because of the salt(deception). After a few more I realized…they were stale crackers! 

It got me thinking about sin.

Sin is deceptive. It will seem good at first then…you taste the nasty bitter flavor of death! In fact, we think we need it. But ultimately.. It is not good for us. It will get us ” sick”spiritually. It will send us to hell if we are un-repentive.

So next time you are “needing” something to fulfill you or satisfy your hunger …(read the label) check Gods word first. Reevaluate “that thing” you are chasing after. It will prevent you from “getting sick”  and having bad taste in your mouth  

Always run to God

Only He satisfies!


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