Little bit about..ME!

fall 2015 112

Little about me. Just me. I haven’t done this yet, so I thought I would share a little bit of the mind of Ericka…

I am a quiet person by nature. I love to talk about God. I love my family. I love my friends. I feel God puts certain people in your life for a reason. They are to either encourage you for a season or for a lifetime. I am a people person. Which means…I like to be around people. Though I am not outgoing, I can enter into a conversation easily. And if you know me I am unashamed and unafraid to talk about certain things. With passion.

I do teach. But, when I do that it is not me teaching but God through me. So, I guess I can be outgoing. I am also a girls ministry coordinator. Which has stretched me beyond measure. I love working with young people. I love to teach youth the things of the Lord.

I love love love the ocean. When I was 9 I was able to go to Florida. I fell in love with the ocean. There is something about the ocean. It led to many adventures for some. It leads to other cultures(which i love). The sunrises and sunsets on the ocean…are breathtaking. Really being by a body of water is where I have always wanted to live.All my best moments were by the water.I am blessed to be living by the Mississippi River as of now. And it stirs up a longing to travel. I love to travel. And the ocean brings that out of me…that do go places.

I have been to a few places. In marching band we traveled a bit. One year we went to the Bahamas. That was an amazing trip! Lots of ocean time. The ocean as so blue….ok I know I already mentioned I love the ocean. In college, as a youth sponser, I went to El Salvador on a missions trip. My life was changed!! (for another blog though) I have moved several times in my life. Lived most of my life in Iowa and the other parts in Missouri. So every once in awhile a southern thang slips out.(jk)

Ok…a bit of a confession. I like to be funny when I share things. I am a pretty joyful person for the most part. I can’t stay mad for too long. That is the Lord in me. With that said, I sometimes try too hard to be funny. And it flops. (ha!) There I said it. Moving on.

I want people to know me for me. This is why I am sharing. To often I am “his daughter, his wife, their mom, their sister”…etc. I feel I can not express the real me. Which is probably why I use certain social media often. People can see my heart with out being judged.(well i do get that but it is based on WHAT  I say not Who I am..if that makes sense)

I have lived in 9 different homes. Only because we moved a lot. No reason just different opportunities. I have been to 10 schools/universities. No wonder I like to travel and need things to do…or change. I suppose I am a bit restless at times.

I am a type of person that has to change my room around a couple times of the year. In fact, I am about due for  a new arrangement. (of course this is due to me needing change) It may sound sad..but I like moving. I like new places. I feel God made us all different. With different motivations etc.This is mine. We can not all be feet…or hands..or legs..or (does that make sense?)

I have tried scrapbooking..but that is expensive.I own a gun. Soon I will have a conceal and carry permit. Cant wait. I like fishing, camping, nature..but my body doesn’t show that. (haha I am working on it though) I love to experiment cook. I like to draw and write(not an expert by any means) I love history and studying different cultures, theology and end time things. I like syfy, some action and adventure, marvel and some romcoms. I do not wear a lot of makeup. But I do like to dress up. (i am a girl after all) But tshirt and jean kind of girl too.

I like to keep things clean. But I tend to let things slip at times. So, I am sort of lazy.(haha)

well. I suppose I shouldn’t share too much. So that is a bit about me.




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