There is always Hope!

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For those of you who may not know, My daughter Kaila has spina bifida or Hydrocephalus. The doctors discovered this when I was about four months pregnant. Talk about a blow. I was so excited that I was going to have a little girl, yet, on that same day I found out this devastating information. We knew that when we picked her name it had to be one that would glorify God. We knew that God had this. Kaila means : “Who is like God?” and “Laurel Crown”

Hydrocephalus is having extra fluid in her brain/head that should not be there. But, as you will read, God has been doing some amazing things despite all of this. Her name seems to be given by God and proves to me, that God has a plan. A plan to prove to those who know her that, “There is no one like my God!”

Being a christian, I knew exactly what I was going to do. Take it to the Lord in prayer. I told the family the good and bad news of the whole situation. They prayed. Everyone prayed. Prayers from all the churches that my extended family attended to my own personal church.

When Kaila came on March 30, 2011 the doctor noticed a hole in her back. So, the next day she was sent to St Louis Jewish Barnes Hospital to have her back stitched up. They discovered that her lower spine had been damaged. We soon found out that this meant she couldn’t walk and part of the damage was she would have to be catheterized four times a day. The extent of it was that she had nerve damage in her legs and the tendons in her ankles were not normal. One foot was so lose and flexible and the other one was so tight that her foot was hyper-extended. After a week in the NICU she was sent home.

Funny story, so this isn’t so heavy. I had been in the dark NICU room for a week. Rarely seeing sunlight. While there some women had asked if i wanted to scrap book, as a way to get a breather from everything that was going on. I was in the sun lit room no longer than ten minutes, when my eyes, which had been use to low light, started dilating. I could not see at all what i was scrap-booking. It was awful yet funny at the same time. I said to the ladies, “I can’t see! I cant even see what I am sticking onto the paper here” But after returning back to the dark room I was able to see again.  (There could be a lesson there)

We eventually went home, but a week in half later I noticed the stitching on her back was seeping fluid. That was a very scary thing to see. So, we went back to St Louis(which was a three hour drive..lots of gas money being spent) They put a shunt in her head that wraps around her right ear down the front of her chest to drain into her stomach. As I held my screaming baby infant right out of surgery I thought, “My poor little baby.There is nothing I can do for you” I felt helpless and, honestly, a little hopeless. Three incisions in her tiny body. It was a horrible thing to go through. Yet, through it all God comforted me.

The last 5 years have consisted of therapist and doctor visits, Braces and walkers and now canes. The therapist have noticed that she has been improving rather quickly. Here Is why…PRAYER.

Every time Kaila goes to visit my parents my father takes her into his big strong arms and whispers prayers in her ears. Every time we get a chance we take her down to the alter for prayer. The church gathers around and prays. I have so many friends and family praying. It truly is overwhelming. Being part of a faith were there is such care and love. Being a part of a faith that tells me God is not dead. If He can heal back then He can heal today. That if we put our hands on someone they will recover in Jesus Name!  It isn’t our power it is the power of what Christ Jesus did on the cross and in His resurrection.

I wanted to share this all with you, which there is so much more I could share to give God even more glory. I wanted to share that here recently, Kaila has been doing things that, I believe, means God is not done yet. A few months back, she had been taking a few steps with her braces on and without the assistance of her canes. Here in 2017 her walking is almost normal. she still needs the braces and canes. But, her dependency on them have been few and far between. I know God has put a determination in her. She pushes herself.

Through this all her faith has been growing. When she was four she would say, “Jesus is healing me!” She knows it! Not only is her faith building but, her brother and sisters faith is growing. They get excited and say, “mommy did you see that!? Kaila is walking!” God is doing a work in all our lives through this.

See God has perfect timing too. He knew that Kaila needed a sister to challenge her. If I had not had Emily almost 18 months later, I could have ended up babying Kaila. Meaning, I could have hindered her by always being around to catch her. But, by Gods divine plan, the fact that we had Emily when we did was perfect timing. This forced Kaila to do things on her own. Now that the girls are older, Emily has helped her big sister out so much. They challenge each other in many ways. And Emily is always there to help Kaila with her braces, canes, and even getting dressed. God knew we needed Emily. He knew Kaila needed Emily.

I want to encourage you too. Keep praying. Jesus said keeping knocking and whatever you ask in my name it will be given. The answer may not always be how we want it,  but don’t lose hope! They say “where life is, there is hope.” Jesus brings life. He brings Hope.

I know my next blog will say..”she doesn’t need braces or canes, I dont have to cath her, and they are removing the shunt.” Yes! I believe that my God who can make the lame walk and the blind see, my God who raised people from the dead can heal Kaila completely.

There is always hope!

(If you have any question about this or would like to pray with us please contact me. More prayers are welcomed. A special thank you to my dear friends and family that are continually praying with us. I am so blessed to have your support, encouragement and prayers!!)



7 thoughts on “There is always Hope!

  1. My Husband was diagnosed with stage 3Colon Cancer . It shook us to the core . Quickly we became overwhelmed with bills and Doctor spots. Thank God we are Christians and mr husband works with a Christian organization. He is the National RNCMember fro Iowa. He now knows friends not only in Iowa but all over America. We had so many prayers going up for him that the Doctors were amazed at how well he came through the treatments and Surgery . WE KNOW IT WAS GODS HEALING HAND ON HIM. We had WONDERFUL DOCTORS TOO. Another Miracle happened when we were asked to meet with the head bookkeeper at the Hospital. She knew we were being bombarded with bills. She had submitted our names for a grant. She called us in to tell us that We were approved for a $10,000.00 grant !!! God hears prayers if we only put our trust in Him. Anyway he has been Cancer free for Four Years now !!! Praise God !!! So
    keep praying and God bless you and Your family !!!

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