A Consuming Fire – overcoming things that take you away from Christ

wheres our focus?

Renewed By Grace

Sometimes life gets in the way. Our days can become mundane and routine we tend to leave out and neglect the most important thing in our lives, our relationship with God. The busyness of life consumes us. Then in our downtime we find other things that consume our time to escape the reality of a busy life. Some people find solace in reading a book. Some people find comfort in watching mindless hours of television. Some people spend countless hours with their head buried in a smartphone enslaved to social-media. Regardless, we tend to find things other than God to consume our time. It’s not that we don’t have time to fit God into our busy schedule, it’s that we don’t MAKE time to spend time with God. We are bonded to other things that take our time away from God.
What if instead of spending countless, mindless hours in front…

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